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Stephen C. Nill, JD

About Stephen

Why Do People Struggle to Ask Face-to-Face? Part 1

I just sat down with Brian Saber, a CharityChannel colleague and leading expert on how to make face-to-face asks. In this fast-paced 11-minute recorded discussion, I asked him why people struggle so much to make that all-important face-to-face ask. This is the first of three recorded segments with Brian on asking. Be sure that you are signed up to our main announcement list (on the CharityChannel home page) to receive details of the second and third installments.

[Video is 11:33 min.]

Free Online Workshop For Nonprofit Fundraisers March 7th-14th
Four Workshop Videos and Live Q&A's all Week

Brian is holding a free four-video online workshop for nonprofit fundraisers March 7th-14th. To learn more, visit his signup page here. Brian's workshop is free. If you subsequently sign up for Brian's membership site after participating in the free online workshop (it's an excellent training opportunity, by the way), a portion of the low membership fee is shared with CharityChannel, which we'll use to fund scholarships for future Summits and online training.



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