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Alyssa Hanada

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Websites Every Grants Professional Should Have Bookmarked

Try this. Go to Type in grant resources and click “search.” Check out the results: 1-10 of 78,500,000 pages. As I write this, the number has undoubtedly grown.

Whether you’re a novice to the field, or have been at it for years, how do you find the best websites and resources to generate new leads? Seek out statistical information to back up your facts? And increase your knowledge? Without information overload that is.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the most helpful web sites I browse periodically. Hopefully this list will make those 78,500,000 results a little more manageable!

The basics:

American Association of Grants Professionals

Sign up for membership and become part of a network of more than 1,200 grants professionals nationally. Plus learn about the credentialing process that AAGP’s affiliate organization is working on to help define the future of grantsmanship.

CharityChannel: Grants Forum

If you haven’t signed up for this forum yet, you’re missing out on resources and advice from colleagues in the grants field.

Foundation Center

There’s an enormous wealth of info compiled on this site, including everything from starting a non-profit, to viewing a RFP bulletin. It also provides information on libraries that offer the Foundation Directory or online subscription offers.

Grant Writer’s Glossary

From “Abstract” to “Unsolicited Proposal,” find definitions for all things grants.


Check out this site NOW and learn to read 990’s if you’re new to grant writing—this is one of the most valuable tools in this field. Look up foundations and decipher their funding patterns, see application guidelines and more.

Researching new leads and prospects:

Don Griesmann’s Grant Opportunities

Don Griesmann offers a valuable service with his frequently updated resource for generating new leads.

Fundsnet Services Online

Find specific leads on prospects for various fields

The Grantsmanship Center: Funding Sources

Find grant sources by state, federal and international.

Society for Nonprofit Organizations

For $39/year you can sign up to receive a monthly e-mail with funding opportunities for a variety of different fields. (You can see past issues online, however the contact info is not provided unless you’re a subscriber).

Stats and Data:

American Fact Finder

The U.S. Census Bureau offers fact sheets and detailed data/stats for communities in the U.S. This can prove valuable for backing up your grant proposals with relevant facts.

Fed Stats

This website provides accessible data to statistical profiles and data by state and agency area.


Foundation News and Commentary

From the Council of Foundations, gain insight into the funder’s perspective.


Here’s a useful resource to find news articles, general government info, and state agency websites, all sorted by state.

The Grantsmanship Center

Sign up for an extensive grants course, or browse the archive of articles on fundraising and grants.

Nonprofit Sector Research Fund

This site offers reports on trends and research that impact grant seeking and nonprofits.

Nonprofit Times

Get a free digital subscription and read current articles on the nonprofit world.

University of Wisconsin’s Logic Model Course

If logic models confuse you, check out this free online course that takes you through the steps of building a logic model and explains how these are useful tools to program development and evaluation.


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