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M. Kent Stroman, CFRE

Session 1 - The 10-Step Staircase - Kent Stroman

Steve Meyers

Session 2 - Crash the Fundraising Matrix - Steven L. Meyers

Ted Hart, ACFRE, CAP®

Session 4 - Cross Border Giving: Risk Mitigation, Regulatory Compliance, and Reputation Protection - Ted Hart

Julia Campbell, MPA

Session 5 - 60-Day Digital Storytelling Campaign Blueprint - Julia Campbell

Susan Schaefer, CFRE

Session 6 - Creating a Culture of Fundraising on Your Organization's Board - Susan Schaefer

Pamela H. Witter, MBA

Session 7 - Five Powerful Strategies to Increase Annual Fund Revenue - Pamela H. Witter

William J. Mountcastle, MPA

Session 8 - Getting Ready for Value-Based Healthcare Philanthropy - William J. Mountcastle

Linda Wise McNay, PhD

Session 9 - Fundraising for Schools - Linda Wise McNay

Alexandra Brovey, JD, LLM

Session 10 - Zen and the Art of Fundraising - Alexandra Brovey

Helen Arnold, CFRE

Session 11 - Crush the CFRE Exam the First Time - Helen Arnold

Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE

Session 12 - 3 Secrets to Raising Major Gifts Right Now - Amy Eisenstein

Goodwin Deacon and Ken Ristine

Session 13 - What Do Funders Really Want to Know? - Deacon and Ristine

Cheryl Kester, CFRE

Session 14 - Leverage Your Existing Grantwriting Skills to Move into Federal Grantseeking - Cheryl Kester

Danny Blitch, GPC

Session 15 - Crush the GPC Exam the First Time - Danny Blitch

Ellen Bristol

Session 16 - Measuring Fundraising Performance - Ellen Bristol

Marilyn Donnellan

Session 17 - Rocket Fuel for Your Fundraising Program - Marilyn Donnellan

Brian Sagrestano, JD, CFRE

Session 18 - Gift Planning in the Twenty-First Century - Brian Sagrestano

Sarah Matthews

Session 19 - Fundraising for Churches - Sarah Matthews

John Greenhoe, CFRE

Session 20 - Mastering the Major Gift Discovery Call - John Greenhoe

Margaret Guellich, CFRE

Session 21 - The New 21st Century Donor: How to Secure the Major Gift - Margaret Guellich

Norman Olshansky, MA

Session 22 - Return on Investment: Getting the Most from Your Fundraising Efforts - Norman Olshansky

Kent Stroman and A.J. Steinberg

Session 23 - Alchemy: Turning Fundraising Events into Major Gifts Gold - Stroman & Steinberg

A.J. Steinberg

Session 24 - Mastering Fundraising Events - A.J. Steinberg

Anne Freedman

Session 25 - Preparing to Give the Speech of Your Life to Raise Awareness of Your Organization's Vital Mission - Anne Freedman

Jean Block

Session 26 - The Shift from Fundraising to Social Enterprise - Jean Block

Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE

Session 27 - Rich Nonprofit, Poor Nonprofit: Harnessing the New Trends in Corporate Philanthropy - Linda Lysakowski

Joanne Oppelt, MHA, GPC

Session 28 - Friend or Foe: The Development Director/ Executive Director Relationship - Joanne Oppelt

Robert Wahlers, MS, CFRE

Session 29 - Engaging Professional Advisors to Boost Your Fundraising Success - Robert Wahlers

Karen Eber Davis

Session 30 - When All is Said and Done: How Will You Create Sustainability? - Karen Eber Davis

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