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Stephen C. Nill, JD

About Stephen

Video: Stephen Nill explains how to bust out of your career box

I just received an email note from Pamela Witter, author of a book we publish, Five Strategies to Increase Annual Fund Revenue: Groundbreaking Fundraising Solutions for Nonprofits. She wrote:

Hi Steve! I have a totally last-minute, random, crazy question for you!! You’ll have to forgive me in advance because it only occurred me to today. So on Wednesday (yes, this week) I’m teaching a session for a regional conference on writing and publishing for career progression and I have lots of great info to present. However, I got to thinking, I’m one person with one experience. So, I asked my cousin who successfully self-published to make a 5-10 minute video I can share. I also asked my good friend Heather who is a freelance writer and blogger to do the same. I would LOVE to share CharityChannel with my audience if you would be willing to send me a 5-10 min video of yourself. Nothing fancy, it will never be shared beyond me sharing it at the session. I won’t send it out to participants and it won’t be posted anywhere. I’m just looking for you to take a brief moment to tell them the reasons why and how writing can be beneficial to a career, how to navigate the pitfalls, and truly any nugget of wisdom you can offer. I’ll show them CharityChannel’s site and the books you offer. Any interest? I do understand if its too short notice.


I read the email when I was in my music studio and had recording equipment already set to go. And besides, I just couldn't resist such an invitation by one of my favorite authors! So, without rehearsing or even thinking about what I would say, I went for it. After Pam reviewed it and told me she thought it was perfect for her session, I asked her if I could share it with my CharityChannel colleagues and she was happy to let me do that. So, here it is, my advice career advice to nonprofit-sector colleagues.


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