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Volunteer Resource Management

Hang Up Your Cape and Empower Leaders

Volunteer managers are often thought to have super-human strength and stamina, and the ability to single-handedly coordinate large teams of people. Yet, even the best of us can quickly become burned out and disillusioned. It’s time to hang up your red cape and retire from your Super Coordinator role! Believe it or not, your program can actually…

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The Individual Volunteer Plan: Developing Top Volunteer Talent

Volunteer recognition and retention are inextricably intertwined if you approach both strategically. Traditional recognition events (banquets) and rewards (pins, certificates) are not likely to retain the best and brightest talent -- people who could add tremendous value as volunteers anywhere. It is not enough to update your events or rewards, though there is often value…

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Measuring Volunteer Program Results

If you share our drive to strengthen non-profit organizations, you probably also share a sense that your organization’s volunteers and staff members are “doing good work.” But how do you know the differences your programs, services, and volunteers make? How do you prove it to current and potential donors and volunteers? They want to know…

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The Considerations When Engaging Short Term Volunteers

Many situations require nonprofits to place volunteers quickly or in short duration positions. Examples include during a disaster response and special events. There are many considerations when designing these types of positions so that everyone remains safe. As a volunteer resources manager, you have the responsibility to ensure the safety of the client, the other…

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