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Volunteer Resource Management

Nonprofit Board Vice Chair: Doing it Right

Question: I was recently elected chair of my nonprofit board. This is my first year as an officer so I haven’t had much experience working with the other board members. One of the positions on the board is vice chair, and I’m not exactly sure how to get the most out of this position. Do…

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Become a Volunteer Magnet to Reduce Your Expenses

“Beating the mouse” is the goal of volunteer experiences at the Houston Food Bank according to Brian Greene, President and CEO. “The mouse” is a day at a Disney theme park. Almost all nonprofits offer volunteer experiences. Few design operations, buildings, and processes with the goal of offering better-than-vacation-day ones. The value of creating extraordinary…

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The Nonprofit Board’s Five Primary Fundraising Roles: Part Two

This is the second part of a two-part article focused on five primary roles in fundraising  that every nonprofit board should consider. Some boards, and some board members, are ready to take on the role of direct solicitation and cultivation of donors, while others are nowhere near ready.  There are some organizations that want their…

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