Self Improvement

Self-Care for Nonprofit Leaders: A Spring Frame of Mind

Susan Axelrod

Have you had something percolating in your mind for months about what you want to do or how you want to change your habits? Do you desire a healthier physical or spiritual life? Have you had thoughts of wanting to feel better, get better, and do better for yourself, your family, your team? Perhaps you’ve had a desire to create new habits or patterns for how you want to be. Now is the time! Spring has sprung!

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How I Found My Mentors and Why You Need to Find One Today!

Mentor - An experienced and trusted advisor (noun). To advise or train (verb). I am new at this entrepreneurship thing. While starting and growing my own business invigorates me, there is still a lot I don’t know about my craft, business start up and platform building. Sometimes it feels like I don’t know so much…

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Five Habits That Will Lead to Success in 2014!

Unless you live under a rock (my apologies to the trolls that are reading this article), you have heard and read about resolutions more in the past week than in the 51 weeks prior. While I definitely see value in setting goals, I am convinced that resolutions just don’t work. “Blasphemy!” you say?? How many…

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