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Marketing and Communications

Use Public Relations to Attract Donors and Increase Grant Support

Nonprofit organizations frequently tell me they need more public relations or plain old PR. Unfortunately, many do not fully understand what PR is or how it can help their organizations reach current supporters, attract new funders, and interest prospective donors. While several definitions of public relations are offered in dictionaries and other sources, I use…

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Technology's Changing Communication Magic (Part 3)

In part one and part two of this article we explored the potential new revolution in communication commonly referred to as email. We discussed some of the challenges of collecting email addresses, gaining permission to use them and creating an email strategy. Before we discuss what communication magic might be created by your organization we…

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Technology's Changing Communication Magic (Part 2)

Within Part 1 of this article we briefly compared the breakthrough communication technology of the fax machine to the current communication explosion we are experiencing with email. I guess one could even reach back a little further and draw corollaries with the changes brought by the telephone too. A question to ask each of our…

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What's your headline?

Read the newspapers or your favorite fundraising publication, watch the evening news or look at one of the recent polls. You’ve probably seen variations on all of the following: Major Accounting Scams Rock Business Nonprofits Scale Back Technology Spending Stock Market Tumbles Many Plan to Decrease Donations—Blame Stock Market Decline Depressing? Maybe not. I’ve always…

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