Marketing and Communications

Does your nonprofit's brand truly reflect its impact?

Todd Baker

Too many organizations focus their core message on their internal processes, such as distributing, coordinating, managing, constructing, and facilitating, while the most powerful thing they have to say is left unspoken. People become inspired to join causes because of the impact of nonprofit processes, not the processes themselves.

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Nonprofit Marketing Communications in a Nanosecond Culture

Don’t blink—you might miss something! This is how it feels to live in our nanosecond culture, where it seems that everything is changing at an accelerated pace. It is enough to give nonprofit marketers a headache. Our nanosecond culture has changed nonprofit marketing communications. The controllable flow of information through easily identified channels is disappearing.…

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The Importance of Marketing to Nonprofits

Recently the Atlanta Chapter of the American Marketing Association convened its executive committee for a roundtable discussion on how consumers will be different in 2020—what will they want, how will they relate to brands, and how can marketers best prepare for the changes ahead? Key takeaways: Brands will be loved or be “out.” To be loved,…

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