Trust, the Fake News Era, and Nonprofits

Dane Shumak

Just the words “fake news” are enough to send fingers a-Googlin’ to verify sources, or to find counter-arguments. Regardless of your political bent, as fundraisers we need to acknowledge the unbelievable impact this could potentially have on our institutions.

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Nonprofit Organization Leaders: Are You an X or a Y?

Tom Butero

Nonprofit organization leaders sometimes make the mistake of thinking that the management principles developed in the business world have little to do with the management of nonprofit organizations. The thing is, the staff of a nonprofit organization has a management structure, too. Organizations that have a handle on management are better able to fulfill the mission while those that are more “accidental” in their approach often have an underproducing and unhappy staff. (Which is yours?)

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You Can Get Through This: Crisis Management Strategies

Tom Butero, LICSW

Despite our best efforts, crises will occur. Some may be small and manageable and call for a minimum amount of attention. Others may be more serious and threatening to the organization, its management, or employees or the population served by that organization. No matter what the range and scope of the crisis, the most important issue is how that crisis is managed. How do you do that?

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