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Green Nonprofits

The Green Nonprofit: Learning to Find No-Cash/Low-Cash Options for Sustainable Practices

“But isn’t green more expensive?” That’s the misconception, all right.

If you are trying to introduce sustainable practices in your department or in your organization, often the expectation of additional expense is your first barrier (quickly followed by “I don’t know anything about that”). This article should help you break through the money barrier and start you and your organization on a new path for green or environmentally-sustainable practice.

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Crowdfunding Green Nonprofits: A New Opportunity

In this article, I'll discuss crowdfunding green nonprofits. Environmental sustainability – working and living within the planet’s ability to support today’s population and the coming generations – has reached into nearly every aspect of our lives in the United States. This is not surprising since sustainability is an ecosystem concept meaning any change affects many,…

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