Social Enterprise

An Offer They Won’t Refuse: Obtain Income, Provide Value

“We don’t even need to discuss this one,” Mike Clark’s CFO said, “It saves us three to four times the cost.” Mike Clark and his CFO were in the midst of budget planning. They were reviewing their memberships to determine which to fund in the next year. The membership that didn’t need discussing was for…

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Social Enterprise: Why Doesn't Everybody Do It?

Why wouldn’t a nonprofit organization jump at the opportunity to earn unrestricted revenue by launching a social enterprise program? What’s keeping them in the old mode of ‘charity-think’? I am thinking that much of what stands in the way of progressive thinking in the majority of nonprofits is habit. Habit that is reinforced by thinking…

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The Baby Bird Syndrome. Whose Fault Is It?

It's a fact. For many nonprofits, funding from traditional sources such as the federal government and even corporate and foundation funders has shrunk or even disappeared. Those organizations that for years and years and years have relied on "renewing the grant" to fund vital programs and services are now faced with the dilemma of finding…

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