Prospect Research

Free 35-minute webinar: Fundraising Research Made Easy

CharityChannel Press and NPO Connect are collaborating on an exciting new series of free 35-minute webinars featuring the authors of our popular In the Trenches series as well as nonprofit titles in our For the GENIUS series. Kicking off the series Thursday will be Meredith Hancks' free, 35-minute webinar, Fundraising Research Made Easy: A Practical…

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The Busy Prospect Researcher - Part 3: Time-Based Projects

This is Part 3 of a multiweek series on managing your time as a busy prospect researcher. In Part 1, Dr. Hancks began talking about the framework for time management in the field of prospect research and prospect management. In Part 2, she discusses how to organize your time for different types of research and analytics. In this Part 3, Dr. Hancks shows how she approaches bringing together quick projects and long-term projects.

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Prospect Research Software: Your Database

There is a lot of discussion about databases and which are the best for various types of situations or organizations. There are benefits and challenges to whatever you choose, so the best course of action is to review your options and determine which one best addresses the needs of your organization. A smoothly functioning and…

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