Grant Readiness: Seven Questions the Board Must Answer

Kerri Kilbane

I recently consulted with a nonprofit board on building a grant portfolio. Since its founding, the organization had depended on a local government grant to cover more than half of annual operating expenses, funding its one full-time position. Unfortunately, that grant had failed to renew for two funding cycles.

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Goodbye, Becki Shawver

Stephen C. Nill, JD, GPC - Founder and CEO of CharityChannel

I am saddened to report the passing yesterday of Rebecca Vermillion Shawver, editor of CharityChannel’s Grants and Foundations Review and contributor of a trove of tell-it-like-it-is articles on grantsmanship. Becki had been bravely battling brain cancer.

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Six Steps to Effective Program Evaluation: Review Related Research (Part 4)

Bernadette Wright

The Shelf. Also known as the final resting place or “the graveyard” for many articles, reports, and important documents. Some of these items have been used to help shape a program once or twice, if they’re lucky. Many, having been abandoned without anybody ever looking at or learning from them, are lost in the great abyss of useful but untapped knowledge. Whatever problem you want to solve, there is a vast treasure trove of information from related research that can help. This article is to help you get those ideas off the shelf and make them useful.

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