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Capital Campaign Readiness Series

Capital Campaign Planning Study (Part 6)

In this installment I'll explain how that internal readiness is assessed during a study. There are several areas an internal assessment should address—organizational structure, software, staffing, board issues, policies, and procedures. Sometimes this internal assessment involves a full-blown development audit, other times it is done as the first step in the planning study. Sometimes, development staff is reluctant to suggest an audit for fear they will not “pass.”

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Capital Campaign Case Statement - Continued (Part 5)

This is Part 5 of a series I'm writing on capital campaign readiness. In Part 4, I introduced you to the case for support and how it fits into your capital campaign. In today's article I will talk about how to prepare the case statement, how to involve donors, and how to translate the case into the various campaign documents that will be needed to convey your campaign message to the constituents.

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