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Amy Wishnick

Leadership Succession Planning: What’s on the Other Side?

Consulting with nonprofits on strategic planning and organizational development, I’ve seen how succession planning has emerged as a very important task for the board and executive leadership. Succession planning involves developing talent within an organization to assume higher levels of responsibility, as well as identifying a plan for seamless continuity when the executive director/CEO leaves.

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[Press Release] CharityChannel Press Authors to Lead Sessions in Fundraising Conference

Nashville, TN (January 8, 2015) — CharityChannel Press, the publishing project of the CharityChannel professional community, is celebrating the opening of its new headquarters in Nashville by hosting a one-day Nashville fundraising conference January 14, featuring a lineup of several authors of books in its popular In the Trenches book series.

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Grant Writing Consultants

What to look for…and what to avoid There may well come a time in the life of your nonprofit organization when you lack either the staff capacity or expertise to complete a relevant grant proposal. What should you do? You may decide to hire a grant writing consultant…but then what? Unless you are fortunate enough to be familiar […]

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The Mystery in the Online Procurement of Nonprofit Consultants

As a management consultant to nonprofit organizations, I’ve become interested in how managers of nonprofit organizations go about the process of searching online for members of my profession. The more I’ve thought about it and looked into it, the more of a mystery it seems to be. Many nonprofits need help with strategic planning and other managerial […]

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Professional Development Through Peer Engagement

True professionals are always looking for ways to improve their practice, to be more effective and to keep abreast of new trends which could affect their work. Nonprofit professional work can often be lonely, with few opportunities to exchange ideas with others who have similar backgrounds and responsibilities. While there are many online networks and […]

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Consultant-Facilitated Multi-Organization Collaboration

For many years, funders of charitable organizations have encouraged nonprofits to address more of their time and resources towards: Articulation and implementation of a clear vision and business plan Capacity Building Achieving a better return on investment on their charitable dollars More focus on long term sustainability Avoidance of unnecessary duplication with what is offered […]

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