Consulting to Nonprofit Organizations

Leadership Succession Planning: What’s on the Other Side?

Amy Wishnick

Consulting with nonprofits on strategic planning and organizational development, I’ve seen how succession planning has emerged as a very important task for the board and executive leadership. Succession planning involves developing talent within an organization to assume higher levels of responsibility, as well as identifying a plan for seamless continuity when the executive director/CEO leaves.

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So, You Want to Become a Nonprofit Consultant?

Many nonprofit staffers dream about going to “the other side,” as a nonprofit consultant. There are many real challenges in making that leap, and even once you do, the career choice entails continuous learning around both the content of your consulting as well as business acumen. The idea of running a business is quite foreign…

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How to Become a Grant Consultant

Do you dream of going to the office in yoga pants, waking up whenever you want and working from anywhere? Of course besides the obvious benefits of being your own boss, when you’re a grant consultant you also have the luxury of naming your own salary, deciding who you want to work with, and choosing…

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The Best Job Ever

Whether we are consultants who work at home or employees in large fundraising departments, many of us feel like we work alone. But how alone are we really when the online communities seem to be ever-expanding? Are those connections real and if so, why do we all still feel so alone? The Grants Professional Association…

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Grant Writing Consultants

What to look for…and what to avoid There may well come a time in the life of your nonprofit organization when you lack either the staff capacity or expertise to complete a relevant grant proposal. What should you do? You may decide to hire a grant writing consultant…but then what? Unless you are fortunate enough to be familiar…

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