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Stephen C. Nill, JD

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Storytelling and Fundraising: CharityChannel Interviews Lynn Ierardi and Russell James

I have just had the opportunity to interview two of the nonprofit sector's leading experts on employing storytelling in fundraising: Lynn Malzone Ierardi, JD and Professor Russell James, JD, PhD, CFP ®.

In this in-depth and wide-ranging interview, Ierardi focuses on the "how to" aspects of storytelling in fundraising, based on her more than three decades in the planned giving field as well as her just-published book, Storytelling: The Secret Sauce of Fundraising Success (CharityChannel Press, 2019).

Professor James discusses how his years of academic research and deep-dive into theory from economics, sociology, psychology, neuroscience, law, communication, anthropology, human development, and linguistics has led him to the answer. "And at the end of that long, complicated process, what is the result?" he asks. "What’s the answer? The answer is story. The answer is connecting the charity’s story with the donor’s life story."

I've decided to give you the full interview (video runtime is 1:17:00) even though I know you are, most likely, a busy practitioner with a lot on your plate. This is powerful stuff and if you truly grasp what Ierardi and James are saying, you'll supercharge your effectiveness in attracting large charitable gifts to your organization or institution. How's that for a value proposition?


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