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Christopher Hawthorne Moss

About Christopher

Remove This Word From Your VPM Vocabulary

Take a look at volunteer recruitment ads -- almost every one says, "Volunteers needed." But, you say, they are! And don't people want to be needed?

First, what YOU need is not the uppermost thing in a potential volunteer's mind. They have their own reasons for volunteering. (See the article, Four Typical Basic Motivators of Volunteers) You simply won't grab them appealing to your motivation instead of theirs.

Worse, you can actually scare people away. "Need" implies "neediness" -- and a commitment that may be difficult to get out of. And as Marlene Wilson suggested, it implies that "no one else wants to do it." This begs the question, "What is wrong with it?" Especially if you add the word "desperately".  Yet ad after ad does.


People don't want to be needed -- they NEED to be WANTED. Which sounds better to you?

Homeless Kids Need your Help



Homeless Kids Want your Help

"Need" is a four-letter word in recruiting volunteers. And you know what Mom said about four-letter words!



Get even better at recruiting! Check out the article, Volunteer Recruitment That Actually Works!



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