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Stephen Nill

Stephen Nill, JD

CharityChannel's Stephen Nill guides the discussions throughout the fast-paced event. Stephen is a veteran fundraiser with four decades of experience. He is the publisher of more than 30 leading books and over 2,000 articles on fundraising.

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M. Kent Stroman, CFRE

Kent Stroman


Best Practices Track

The 10-Step Staircase

Kent will take us on the journey from discovering a donor's charitable interests to making the ask for a major gift. Utilizing his signature 10-Step Staircase metaphor, he will guide us through each of the steps leading to the ask. He will take a deep dive into the very nature of what it means to represent a nonprofit organization in discussions with a prospective donor about a major gift, discussing the very real-world challenge of how to deal with a donor who has the capacity to make a significant gift but has another charitable cause in mind besides the one you are advocating.

Kent is a Certified Fund Raising Executive and by his own admission, a recovering accountant. He is a graduate of AFP's Faculty Training Academy and has earned its Master Trainer designation. In his long career as one of the top fundraising professionals in our sector, he has honed his skills while developing a successful relationship-based model for engaging donors, which he writes about in his book published by CharityChannel Press, Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising, now in its second edition. He is also the author of the just-published book, The Intentional Board: Why Your Board Doesn't Work ... and How to Fix It, published by CharityChannel Press. Kent is also a highly popular fundraising coach, and you'll understand why once you watch him in action in the kickoff session!

Revolutionary Track

Crash the Fundraising Matrix

In the Author's Acknowledgements to his book, Personalized Philanthropy: Crash the Fundraising Matrixpublished by CharityChannel Press, Steven L. Meyers wrote perhaps the best and most succinct description of his work: 

When I crashed my own Matrix and the silos and blinders came down, I suddenly realized that philanthropy was a much larger field of interest than I had ever imagined and that there was so much more to explore, discover, and create. Personalized philanthropy became a quest to restore creativity and balance to this important work. 

Steven is the acknowledged pioneer of personalized philanthropy—the charitable gift practice that delivers on the too-often unfulfilled promise of so-called donor-focused philanthropy. He is known for his advocacy of taking down the walls that separate the professionals who inhabit fund development offices, summarized as by his exhortation to "Crash the Fundraising Matrix!"
Steven L. Meyers, PhD

Steven L. Meyers

Deborah Kaplan Polivy, PhD

Deborah Kaplan Polivy


Revolutionary Track

The Donor Lifecycle Map

Until now, the accepted wisdom in the nonprofit fundraising world was that everything you need to know about fundraising strategy is embodied in the venerable Donor Pyramid. In this session, Deborah Kaplan Polivy shows you how to retool your fundraising program by employing a much more powerful model—the Donor Lifecycle Map—in conjunction with the Donor Pyramid. You’ll learn how your organization will raise more funds and in a less painstaking way, where donors will contribute again and again, and where the relationships to the organization are so deepened in the process that an "ultimate" or endowment gift becomes increasingly likely.

Deborah Kaplan Polivy is a fund development consultant. She began her professional career at Allied Jewish Community Services in Montreal, Quebec and then helped establish two successful Jewish Federation foundations. She has also served as the Director of Total Financial Resource Development for the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven. She is the author of two books, including The Donor Lifecycle Map: A Model for Fundraising Success, published by CharityChannel Press.

Evolutionary Track

Cross Border Giving: Risk Mitigation, Regulatory Compliance, and Reputation Protection

Effective and informed cross-border philanthropy is increasingly important in a world in which access to international funding is becoming more and more restrictive. This session will explore questions focused on the inherent risks of granting to foreign countries, the challenges of navigating tough regulatory environments, and the reputational risks donors face if proper due diligence does not precede giving around the world. You will learn about international philanthropy in the context of risk mitigation, regulation compliance, and reputation protection, as well as to get an exciting inside look at the forthcoming book edited by CAF America: Cross-Border Philanthropy: a Legal and Practical Guide, to be published by CharityChannel Press.

Ted Hart serves as President and CEO of CAF America Donor Advised Funds. CAF America is a US 501(c)(3) and the leader in donor advised international grantmaking.

Ted Hart, ACFRE, CAP®

Ted Hart

Julia Campbell, MPA

Julia Campbell


Revolutionary Track

60-Day Digital Storytelling Campaign Blueprint

Nonprofit storytelling is a hot topic, no doubt about it. And no wonder. Storytelling is incredibly important in many phases of fundraising. But nowhere does it shine like in the online storytelling campaign. Whether the campaign is designed to stand on its own or to provide a boost to existing fundraising activities, if the organization you work for or advise is not rolling out a storytelling campaign, it is missing a huge opportunity. We're going to take a look at creating a digital storytelling campaign in just 60 days. Better buckle up!

Julia Campbell has a long history of helping nonprofits learn how to best use the latest marketing and fundraising tools. After 10 years in the nonprofit sector as a development director and marketing coordinator, she founded J Campbell Social Marketing, a boutique digital marketing agency based in Wenham, Massachusetts. She is the author of Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits, published by CharityChannel Press.

Best Practices Track

Creating a Culture of Fundraising on Your Organization's Board

Few things are as critical to the success of a nonprofit organization as creating a culture of fundraising on the board. The thing is, you really can't address the board culture of giving without taking a step back and considering board culture from several perspectives. And that's just what we'll do in this session. Be prepared to discover powerful new perspectives on ensuring that a board has a culture of giving, among other important attributes.

Susan Schaefer is a consultant, writer, and speaker who is passionate about
the nonprofit sector. Her practical approach to fundraising and board development has made her a frequent presenter at conferences and in classrooms, including a course she teaches at Johns Hopkins University. In 2001, she founded Resource Partners LLC, a consulting firm that provides professional, ethical, and collaborative fundraising counsel to nonprofit organizations. Susan is coauthor of Nonprofit Board Service for the GENIUS, published by For the GENIUS Press, a CharityChannel project. She is also an organizing editor and contributing author of The Nonprofit Consulting Playbook: Winning Strategies from 25 Leaders in the Field, published by CharityChannel Press.
Susan Schaefer, CFRE

Susan Schaefer

Pamela H. Witter, MBA

Pamela H. Witter


Best Practices Track

Five Powerful Strategies to Increase Annual Fund Revenue

If there is an unsung hero of fundraising methods, it has to be the ubiquitous annual fund. Perhaps because it is such a common program for all sizes of nonprofits, it's easy to overlook it in favor of other, "sexier" fundraising approaches. Yet, when executed right, it forms the bedrock of consistent, dependable support and so much more. In this session, we'll look at how to grow the donor base, increase revenue, retain donors, reach project milestones, and more. We'll ask our expert, Pamela H. Witter, to give us the secrets to how, in one instructive example, she and her team increased renewable revenue by more than 40 percent by employing five powerful annual fund strategies.

Pam is Vice President for Development & Community Engagement for Trocaire College in Buffalo, New York. She is a veteran fundraiser, accomplished speaker, and coaches front-line fundraisers and stakeholders to raise more money for their mission. She is the author of three books, including Five Strategies to Increase Annual Fund Revenue: Groundbreaking Fundraising Solutions for Nonprofits, published by CharityChannel Press.

Revolutionary Track

Getting Ready for Value-Based Healthcare Philanthropy

At the core of efforts to improve the quality of healthcare in the United States is a shift to value-based care, a drastic transition from the long-standing focus on volume-based healthcare. The now outdated fee-for-service model had incentives to "do" more. Order more tests. See more patients. Do more procedures. Make more money. Healthcare philanthropy is also in a state of transition. Like healthcare professionals, hospital fundraisers are also being asked to challenge assumptions and look for ways to do better instead of just doing more. We'll explore the revolutionary concept of value-based healthcare philanthropy, which puts its focus on people, not money.

William J. Mountcastle, the author of Fundraising for Hospitals: Value-Based Healthcare Philanthropy, published by CharityChannel Press, is the creator of the revolutionary value-based healthcare philanthropy approach to hospital fundraising. He is the founder and president of Health Giving, a specialized healthcare fundraising consulting firm serving community-based health and healthcare nonprofits. He is a noted expert in healthcare capital campaign planning, collaborative fundraising among major university health science colleges, hospital foundation mergers and strategic restructuring, and grateful patient and physician engagement for fundraising results.
William J. Mountcastle, MPA

William J. Mountcastle

Linda Wise McNay, PhD

Linda Wise McNay


Best Practices Track

Fundraising for Schools

Being a head of school is both challenging and rewarding work. Heads of school and those who aspire to the role are expected to engage alumni and parents and raise money effectively; yet most have received little or no training or support in advancement. Linda Wise McNay will discuss best practices that school leaders should employ to raise maximum support year after year. She'll discuss how heads of school should manage their time in every stage of their fundraising and stewardship efforts, the importance of board leadership, the critical relationship between the head of school and, if there is one, the chief development officer, and more.

Linda is an independent fundraising consultant. Before launching her firm, Our Fundraising Search, she served for seven years as Partner at Alexander Haas, a nationally prominent fundraising consulting firm. Linda’s nonprofit background includes work with both higher and secondary education, the arts, and human service organizations and has included work in capital campaigns, annual fund, planned giving, membership, strategic planning, and organizational development. Linda is the author of Fundraising for Schools and Fundraising for Museums, and the coauthor of Fundraising for Churches, published by CharityChannel Press.

Revolutionary Track

Zen and the Art of Fundraising

After spending a few years in the trenches, you may ask yourself, “what more is there?” or “am I doing all I can do?” When you reach this crossroads, it is a great time to pause, embrace how far you have come, and reflect on what brings you success. As a busy, stressed fundraising professional, you could use a bit more Zen. We who choose careers that require asking others for money must discover how to recharge. How to discover our Zen. Only then can we be most effective in our roles.We'll discuss the eight principles that will help you find yourself on the path to being an even more successful fundraiser, not to mention a great person!

Alexandra Brovey is a black belt in Shotokan karate. She has been a full-time fundraiser and gift planner for almost two decades and an estate planning attorney for 25 years. She graduated from Georgetown with a law degree, began as an estate planning attorney in 1993, earned an LLM in Estate Planning from the University of Miami in 1995, and practiced law for several years. After providing legal advice to Penn State as legal counsel, Alex joined Penn State as a full-time gift planner. She is busy at work on her forthcoming book for CharityChannel Press, Zen and the Art of Fundraising: 8 Pillars of Success, scheduled for publication in January 2019.
Alexandra Brovey, JD, LLM

Alexandra Brovey

Helen Arnold, CFRE

Helen Arnold


Career Track

Crush the CFRE Exam the First Time

As an experienced fundraising professional, have you been considering going for your CFRE credential? It's an important way to demonstrate your expertise to others, it can improve career opportunities and advancement, it can lead to greater on-the-job responsibilities, it will help you improve your skills and knowledge, it may provide you with greater earnings potential, it demonstrates your commitment to the profession, it enhances your professional image, and more. In this session, Helen Arnold, CFRE, will talk about the credential with a particular focus on crushing the CFRE exam.
Participation in the this session may assist you in learning or reviewing concepts covered on the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) examination as detailed on the Test Content Outline provided by CFRE International. CFRE International does not sponsor or endorse any educational programs and this session was not developed in conjunction with CFRE International.
Helen is a veteran instructor for AFP's CFRE review course. She has also served as faculty and speaker to audiences on a wide array subjects related to philanthropy, such as ethics, grant writing, board development, special events, annual/capital/endowment campaigns, “Why CFRE?”, First Course on Fundraising, Survey Course, and the Essentials of Fundraising Course. She is a certified AFP Master Trainer, and has received the Certificate of Nonprofit Management from Iowa State University. She is the author of Volunteering for the GENIUS, published by For the GENIUS Press (an imprint of CharityChannel).

Best Practices Track

3 Secrets to Raising Major Gifts Right Now

There is so much written (and taught) about how to attract major gifts that it's far too easy to miss the three essential pillars of attracting big gifts. In this session, Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE will remind us that, as deep and complex as it can be to attract major gifts, when it comes right down to it, there are really just three secrets to success.
Amy is an author, speaker, trainer, and consultant. Before creating her consulting firm in 2008, she served for more than 10 years in the nonprofit sector as director of development in large and small nonprofit organizations, raising millions of dollars through capital and annual campaigns, direct mail, major and planned gift solicitations, fundraising events, and writing grants. She is the author of 50 Asks in 50 Weeks: A Guide to Better Fundraising for Your Small Development Shop, 2nd Edition and Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops: How to Leverage Your Annual Fund in Only Five Hours per Week, published by CharityChannel Press.

Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE

Amy Eisenstein

Goodwin Deacon, PhD

Goodwin Deacon

Ken Ristine

Ken Ristine

Best Practices Track

What Do Funders Really Want to Know?

We've paired up a master grant writer, Goodwin Deacon, with a veteran funder, Ken Ristine, to ask them to help us get into the minds of funders and how to carefully craft grant applications that get funded. This is a rare opportunity to learn the inside scoop of what funders really think and what it takes to get them to "yes."

Goodwin provides grantwriting and prospect research services through her firm, Deacon Consulting. In 1990, she founded the Puget Sound Grantwriters Association, a networking and training organization that helps grantwriters improve their skills, meet funders, and form a community with each other. She has also taught grantwriting at Discover U., the University of Washington Fundraising Management Program, and Antioch University Seattle.
Ken is Senior Program Officer of a private family foundation. Throughout his long career in our sector, he’s consulted with dozens of nonprofits on program design and implementation, fundraising, proposal development, nonprofit tax issues, and organizational development. Ken is a frequent speaker at conferences and classes on nonprofit work.
Goodwin and Ken are coauthors of Grantsmanship for the GENIUS, published by For the GENIUS Press (an imprint of CharityChannel).

Best Practices Track

Leverage Your Existing Grantwriting Skills to Move into Federal Grantseeking

Even experienced, savvy grant writers can feel that federal grants are such a different world that they don't pursue them on behalf of their organizations or clients. But the good news is that your existing skills as a grant writer go a long way toward tackling the federal grant application process. In this session we will explore how your current skills translate into the federal grant arena and look at what additional knowledge and skills you'll need to succeed.

Cheryl Kester, CFRE, is the coauthor of Writing to Win Federal Grants: A Must-Have for Your Fundraising Toolbox and Writing to Win Federal Grants - The Workbook,published by CharityChannel Press. Through her firm, The Kester Group, she provides grant seeking and grant evaluation services for a range of clients nationwide. She has helped secure more than $96 million in state, federal, and foundation grants and contracts. She received the GPA President’s Award (2012) for service to the grants profession and the association. Cheryl is Director of Grants for Walton Arts Center in Arkansas. She is a senior member of the development team, which grant applications as well as major, corporate, and annual gifts.
Cheryl Kester, CFRE

Cheryl Kester

Danny Blitch, GPC

Danny Blitch


Career Track

Crush the GPC Exam the First Time

As an experienced grant professional, have you been considering going for your GPC credential? It's an important way to demonstrate your expertise to others, it can improve career opportunities and advancement, it can lead to greater on-the-job responsibilities, it will help you improve your skills and knowledge, it may provide you with greater earnings potential, it demonstrates your commitment to the profession, it enhances your professional image, and more. In this session, Danny Blitch, GPC, will talk about the credential with a particular focus on crushing the GPC exam.
Danny is an original GPC, receiving the credential in 2008. He is the organizing editor and coauthor of Prepare for the GPC Exam: Earn Your Grant Professional Certified Credential, published by CharityChannel Press. He serves as the Grants Manager for the City of Roswell, Georgia, where he is responsible for a municipal grant program which has been awarded more than $65 million in grants. He has more than 20 years of experience with federal, state, and local government grants; private donations; fundraising; and project management. As a consultant, his work has produced more than $24 million in government grants for clients nationwide. 

Revolutionary Track

Measuring Fundraising Performance

Even some of the finest fund development programs have leaks—pockets of inefficiency that, left unaddressed, will continue to reduce the support the nonprofit organization receives from its fundraising program. This topic is inspired by Ellen Bristol's online assessment, the Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising. We'll cover ways to plan, manage, and improve fundraising performance based on the continuous improvement method. Ellen will show us how to find the leaks and plug them quickly and effectively!

Ellen works with nonprofit organizations to improve their fundraising effectiveness, raise income, and involve their boards more effectively. She is widely known for her innovative work in developing management controls, processes, benchmarks, and other guidelines, exemplified by her trademarked methodology Fundraising the SMART Way and her popular assessment tool The Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising, which inspired the writing of her groundbreaking book, The Leaky Bucket: What’s Wrong with Your Fundraising and How You Can Fix It, published by CharityChannel Press.
Ellen Bristol

Ellen Bristol

Marilyn Donnellan

Marilyn Donnellan


Best Practices Track

Rocket Fuel for Your Fundraising Program: Pristine Case Statements and Passionate Brand Identity

Forget about the latest resource development or fundraising fad. Ignore everything you know about brand identity. Every single one of those issues comes down to your understanding of case statements: how to write and implement them. At the heart of every fundraising appeal and brand identity strategy, at the very core of your nonprofit is the passion driving your existence. If you can’t articulate that passion into a concise, powerful written case statement you won’t be able to identify your brand, market your program outcomes, or effectively raise resources. Even your resource development assessment tools will be meaningless without a passionate vision and mission-driven case statement.

Marilyn is a motivational speaker, consultant to nonprofits, internationally published author, a wife, mother, and grandmother. She is a graduate of Multnomah University, George Fox University, and Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary, with degrees in Human Resources Management and Christian Administration, and a certificate in Biblical Studies. Marilyn is the author of Nonprofit Management Simplified: Internal Operations, Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development, and Nonprofit Management Simplified: Programs and Fundraising, published by CharityChannel Press.

Evolutionary Track

Gift Planning in the Twenty-First Century

The buzzwords in fundraising today seem to be "blended gifts." You can't seem to attend a conference without seeing multiple sessions covering it. What are blended gifts and why have they become such a hot topic? But are blended gifts really just taking a holistic approach to individual gift donors and, if so, how is this a change from the past? We'll take a deep dive and find out. Not only that, but we'll probing look at what fundraising shops need to do to meet the needs of today's 21st century donors, going forward.
Brian is the president and founder of Gift Planning Development (GPD) LLC, a full-service gift planning consulting firm. He provides gift planning services to a wide range of charitable clients from national organizations focused on high-end philanthropic planning to local charities seeking to start new gift planning programs. Prior to starting GPD in 2007, Brian spent 12 years as a charitable gift planner, directing the programs for the University of Pennsylvania, Middlebury College, and Meridian Health Affiliated Foundations. He is the coauthor of Getting Started in Charitable Gift Planning: Your Guide to Planned Giving and Getting Started in Charitable Gift Planning: The Resource Book, published by CharityChannel Press.
Brian Sagrestano, JD, CFRE

Brian Sagrestano

Sarah Matthews

Sarah Matthews

Revolutionary Track

Fundraising for Churches

Does your church or faith-based organization need to raise money, including annual operating support as well as capital and endowment funds for building and maintenance? Of the $358 billion that was donated in the United States last year, one-third, or nearly $115 billion, went to religious causes. While this is clearly a huge sum, that percentage has been declining for years, from over half of the money given away. We'll explore the decline and discuss how churches and other faith-based organizations can become more adept at raising funds, just like any other type of nonprofit.
Sarah Matthews, coauthor of Fundraising for Churches: 12 Keys to Success Every Church Leader Should Know, published by CharityChannel Press, has served as a financial resources consultant for more than a decade. Actively involved in church ministry since 1989, she has worked with churches in most mainline denominations from Rhode Island to Florida. Her consulting work has been with Cargill Associates (Texas) and the Episcopal Church Foundation (New York) and independently through Matthews Consulting (Georgia), and has helped her clients raise over $10 million. She is also a speaker and trainer at the diocesan and conference levels and has been the director of development at a small Christian university.

Best Practices Track

Mastering the Major Gift Discovery Call

If you are not feeding new prospective major gift donors into your pipeline on a regular and systematic basis, sooner or later your efforts are going to stall. So, even though you have been active in the profession for years, you need to build new relationships and add good prospects to your portfolio. We'll discuss specific strategies that will increase your odds for success when you are ready to meet your donors. You will learn to “warm” your prospects so they are receptive to your outreach, to make allies of the gatekeepers who control access to the decision makers, and to conduct a qualification call that is both casual and purposeful. All of these methods are designed to initiate a comfortable and meaningful relationship that will one day result in a significant philanthropic investment.
John Greenhoe, CFRE, is a senior fundraising practitioner at Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA) who has raised millions of for both large and small nonprofits. Greenhoe is the author of Opening the Door to Major Gifts: Mastering the Discovery Call, published by CharityChannel Press, the first book written on major donor qualification visits and a former No. 1 bestseller ( NGO list, June 2013). He is the world’s leading expert on the topic of discovery calls.
John Greenhoe, CFRE

John Greenhoe

Margaret Guellich, CFRE

Margaret Guellich


Evolutionary Track

The New 21st Century Donor: How to Secure the Major Gift

The philanthropic landscape is dramatically changing, aided by the ever-fast-growing world of social media. New development officers will have a good grasp of the technology but may lack the techniques and the experience. Seasoned development officers may need to change their way of thinking and the tools used to cope better with the technological advances and the changing demographic profile of today's donor. We'll dive in to examine how donors have changed and how, as experienced development professionals, to continue to adapt to these changes.

Margaret Guellich, CFRE, has over 35 years of fundraising experience. She is president of MAGs Consulting for Nonprofits, where she focuses on direct response, planning, results analysis, and copywriting. Previously, Margaret headed Catholic Relief Services’ direct response program, managing more than $55 million annually. She was selected Fund Raising Executive of the Year 2000 for Greater Washington DC Chapter of AFP and was named the Women’s Direct Response Group’s 2000 Woman of the Year. In 2001, she was selected as one of the 12 “Most Powerful Women in Direct Marketing” by The NonProfit Times. She is coauthor of The New Donor: Gearing Up for the New Wave of Donors and CharityChannel's Quick Guide to Developing Your Case for Support, published by CharityChannel Press.

Best Practices Track

Return on Investment: Getting the Most from Your Fundraising Efforts

You are an executive or development professional of a nonprofit. One of the many issues you face is that so much of your fundraising time, energy, and resources are spent planning fundraising events. It seems like the mission of your agency has shifted, and staff as well as volunteers spend more time planning parties than delivering service. Fundraising events can and do play an important role in many nonprofits. However, too many organizations do not fully understand how to maximize their fundraising efforts. We'll explore how to look at fundraising events based on their return on investment (ROI) and compare them to other forms of fund development.
Norman Olshansky is President of NFP Consulting Resources. His consulting practice specializes in capital campaigns, strategic restructuring, development audits, major gift campaign planning, onsite counsel, board development, and direction for multi-organization collaborative and endowment campaigns. He served as the organizing coeditor and contributing author to YOU and Your Nonprofit: Practical Advice and Tips from the CharityChannel Professional Community, published by CharityChannel Press. It has been a special resource for nonprofit professionals, leaders, volunteers, universities, and nonprofit resource centers. It was nominated for the Alliance of Nonprofit Management's Terry McAdam book award in the category of best new book on nonprofit management, fundraising, and leadership.
Norman Olshansky, MA

Norman Olshansky

M. Kent Stroman, CFRE

Kent Stroman

A.J. Steinberg

A.J. Steinberg

Revolutionary Track

Alchemy: Turning Fundraising Events into Major Gifts Gold

Major gifts are major gifts and fundraising events are fundraising events, and never the twain shall meet. Right? But what if we were to look at fundraising events through the lens of major gifts? And that's just what we're doing by teaming up a major gifts expert with a fundraising events expert. We'll explore how to multiply the effectiveness of a fundraising event and supercharge a major gifts program by viewing them as a single, integrated process.

Kent Stroman, CFRE is a graduate of AFP's Faculty Training Academy and has earned its Master Trainer designation. In his long career as one of the top fundraising professionals in our sector, he has honed his skills while developing a successful relationship-based model for engaging donors, which he writes about in his book, Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising, now in its second edition, published by CharityChannel Press.

A.J. Steinberg has been creating outstanding special events since 1999 with her Los Angeles-based event planning company, Masquerade Events. In 2015, A.J. created Queen Bee Fundraising, a company that teaches the art of nonprofit event planning to thousands of nonprofit professionals through online training, workshops, and speaking engagements. In collaboration with CharityChannel Courses, she has developed online training teaching the art and science of creating successful fundraising events.

Best Practices Track

Mastering Fundraising Events

Consider fundraising events. They are part of just about every nonprofit's fundraising program. And with good reason. They don't seem to require a great deal of expertise to pull off, at least as compared with other forms of fundraising such as the annual fund, major gifts program, grant writing, planned giving, and so on. And there can be oodles of volunteers ready to roll up their sleeves, including board members. Right? Well, in the real world, events are stressful and often fall short in so many ways. In this session, we'll talk about the right way to put on fundraising events.
A.J. Steinberg has been creating special events since 1999 with her Los Angeles-based event planning company, Masquerade Events. Her work producing successful fundraisers with organizations such as Cystic Fibrosis, Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots, and Union Rescue Mission gained her the reputation of "go to gal" for nonprofits looking to maximize their events' engagement and profits. In 2015, A.J. created Queen Bee Fundraising, a company that teaches the art of nonprofit event planning to thousands of nonprofit professionals through online training, workshops, and speaking engagements. In collaboration with CharityChannel Courses™, she has developed online training to teach the art and science of creating successful fundraising events for all types and sizes of organization.
A.J. Steinberg

A.J. Steinberg

Anne Freedman

Anne Freedman

Best Practices Track

Preparing to Give the Speech of Your Life to Raise Awareness of Your Organization's Vital Mission

As an experienced practitioner, you are frequently called upon to speak in front of groups about your organization's vital work. A recent survey by CharityChannel shows a high degree of self confidence among CharityChannel practitioners, and yet, as shown by the survey, there is a willingness by members of our professional community to become even more effective in public speaking. We're going to take a look at how you can step up your game as a public speaker. Doing so will not only enable you to better serve your organization but boost your career in amazing ways.

Anne Freedman is the founder and president of Speakout, Inc., a Miami-based company established in 1990. She is an internationally recognized leadership communication and presentation consultant, keynote speaker, and author. Known for her dynamic, humorous, and memorable speeches, workshops, panels, and training, Anne has engaged, entertained, and educated professionals of all levels. Clients include multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and community-based organizations. She is the author of Public Speaking for the GENIUS, published by For the GENIUS Press (an imprint of CharityChannel).

Revolutionary Track

The Shift from Fundraising to Social Enterprise

Let’s face it. Today’s nonprofit fundraising environment is just plain tough. Development efforts that worked for decades no longer bring the same results. Nonprofits can no longer count entirely on government funding, available grants, and individual solicitations. Different and more creative solutions are a must. That's where social enterprise comes in. We'll cover the step-by-step process to launching a successful nonprofit social enterprise that builds your organization’s capacity and reduces reliance on traditional but dwindling funding sources.
Jean Block is coauthor of The Nonprofit Guide to Social Enterprise: Show Me the (Unrestricted) Money!, published by CharityChannel Press. She is a nationally known consultant, trainer, and author on nonprofit management, fundraising, board development, and social enterprise. She has been an executive director and board chair for local, regional, and national nonprofits. She learned about social enterprise in 2003 and taught a six- to nine-month program on social enterprise through a contract with the National Center for Social Entrepreneurs. In 2006, she formed Social Enterprise Ventures, LLC, as a part of her long-standing consulting company, Jean Block Consulting, Inc. Jean has taught social enterprise to more than 100 nonprofits throughout the United States, many of which have already launched very successful earned income ventures. She speaks to hundreds of nonprofit professionals each year.
Jean Block

Jean Block

Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE

Linda Lysakowski


Evolutionary Track

Rich Nonprofit, Poor Nonprofit: Harnessing the New Trends in Corporate Philanthropy

Only 5 percent of philanthropy comes from the business sector, but statistics can be deceiving. First, there is no reason why your organization can't wage a successful campaign in the business community and garner a much larger share of business philanthropy than the organization down the street or across the country. It's there right before you, if only you'll learn how to go about it. Second, reaching business donors can help you raise money from individuals, gain corporate volunteers, and raise awareness of your organization. What's not to like? The key is to do it right. And that's what will be talking about in the session.

Linda Lysakowski holds the Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive designation. With more than two decades as a philanthropic consultant, she has helped dozens of nonprofit organizations achieve their development goals and has trained tens of thousands of professionals in the United States and many other countries in all aspects of development. Linda is a prolific writer for CharityChannel Press. Of relevance to this session, she is the author of Raise More Money from Your Business Community: A Practical Guide to Tapping Into Corporate Charitable Giving and Raise More Money from Your Business Community - The Workbook: Jump-Start Your Corporate Fundraising Today! published by CharityChannel Press.

Best Practices Track

Friend or Foe: The Development Director/ Executive Director Relationship

There are few relationships more critical to the success of a nonprofit organization than that of the than that of the CEO/executive director and the development director. Unfortunately, busy CEOs can and often do unintentionally sabotage the effectiveness of the development director. On the other hand, development directors can and often do either underutilize the CEO in the development process or waste the CEO's time. Finding the right balance is critical to the effective running of the fund development program. We'll dive right in and look at the issues and how to handle tough challenges.

Joanne Oppelt has been improving organizational bottom lines since 1993. She serves as Assistant Executive Director, Business Development at Community Access Unlimited in New Jersey. Prior to that she served as Executive Director of Caring Contact: A Listening Community, for over five years. She has also served as an adjunct professor at Kean University, teaching nonprofit management and fund development. She is the author of four books for CharityChannel Press: Moving Up to Executive Director: Lessons Learned from My First 365 Days, Power Your Organization's Fundraising: How the Partnership Paradigm Will Change Everything, Succeed in Your Nonprofit Funding Partnerships: Analyzing Their Costs and Benefits, and Confessions of a Successful Grants Writer: A Complete Guide to Discovering and Obtaining Funding.
Joanne Oppelt, MHA, GPC

Joanne Oppelt

Robert Wahlers, MS, CFRE

Robert Wahlers


Best Practices Track

Engaging Professional Advisors to Boost Your Fundraising Success

Professional advisors such as attorneys, accountants, financial planners, insurance agents, real estate professionals, and bankers have substantial clientele of their own. Moreover, they are often quite familiar with those in their client base who are capable and even predisposed toward making substantial charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations. The secret to opening up the potential of receiving significant gifts is to know how to identify and engage these professional advisors. We'll explore how.

Robert Wahlers is the Vice President of Development for Meridian Health Affiliated Foundations, where he oversees the gift planning, annual giving and grants development program for the eight hospitals in the Meridian Health System. Over his more than twenty-five-year-plus career, Robert has worked in the financial and estate planning field and in the nonprofit sector with the Boy Scouts of America, the American Cancer Society, Virtua Foundation, and now Meridian Health. Robert learned early on the value of developing relationships with professional advisors and honed those skills while with the American Cancer Society, where he saw how philanthropic planning can be an asset for the donor and the charity. He is the coauthor of Getting Started in Charitable Gift Planning: Your Guide to Planned Giving and Getting Started in Charitable Gift Planning: The Resource Book, published by CharityChannel Press.

Revolutionary Track

When All is Said and Done: How Will You Create Sustainability?

In our last session of the Summit, we'll be address an important question: When all is said and done, how will you create sustainability for your organization? We'll also ask: Why are some nonprofits well-funded and others not? Why do certain organizations grow income year-after-year and others commence frantic begging 30 days before the end of their fiscal year? Why do some nonprofits obtain a steady flow of donated and earned money, while others chase after every dollar—even those that cost them money? We'll look at the answer: Sustainable organizations develop and use consistent income strategies. These lead to more income and long-term sustainability. We'll roll up our sleeves and see how they do it and how your organization can, too.

Karen Eber Davis is a leading authority on income growth strategies for nonprofits. She helps leaders generate the ideas, resources, and money they need to fulfill their goals and create extraordinary impact. For over two decades, she has advised nonprofit organizations such as The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, The American Red Cross, Ringling College of Art and Design, Meals on Wheels PLUS, and many others. Karen graduated magna cum laude from the University of Connecticut and earned her MBA in finance from the University of South Florida. Karen graduated magna cum laude from the University of Connecticut and earned her MBA in finance from the University of South Florida. She is the author of 7 Nonprofit Income Streams: Open the Floodgates to Sustainability! and a contributing author to YOU and Your Nonprofit Board: Advice and Practical Tips from the Field’s Top Practitioners, Researchers, and Provocateurs, both published by CharityChannel Press.
Karen Eber Davis

Karen Eber Davis

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