Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising, Second Edition


What gets in the way of your face-to-face fundraising? Can’t get “in” to see a funder? Don’t know who to ask? No time for donor calls? Fear that your prospective donor might say “no”? Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising shows you how to overcome these obstacles using conversational fundraising—leading to successful one-on-one gift solicitations.

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CharityChannel's Stephen Nill interviews Kent Stroman at the CharityChannel Masters of Fundraising Summit (2017)


Conversational fundraising is a simple, effective, and proven technique for soliciting contributions and recruiting volunteers. If you have ever postponed talking with a donor because you didn’t know how to start a conversation about a large gift, then get your copy today. Asking about Asking gives you the tools you need to have meaningful, productive, enjoyable conversations with both current donors and potential funders. As you get out of the business of guessing and assuming by asking the right questions, your fundraising results will improve dramatically.

In this second edition, the reader benefits from the input of hundreds of nonprofit leaders who identified their greatest obstacles to asking for major gifts. In this update, Stroman presents their responses—along with strategies to successfully work around these roadblocks.

Asking about Asking will equip you to:

  • Seek and find larger donations.
  • Gain confidence as a fundraising staff member or volunteer.
  • Climb the 10 Step Staircase and get your proposals accepted.
  • Become more comfortable, confident, and effective when asking.
  • Build and strengthen relationships that lead to charitable gifts.
  • Get free from assuming and guessing about donors’ intentions.
  • Identify and overcome personal and organizational fundraising obstacles.
  • Ask donors strategic questions, in the proper sequence, prompting deeper conversations.
  • Apply donor-centered solutions that you can begin using NOW to raise more money.
  • Help donors TRULY ENJOY the gift making process.

Stroman provides a treasury of useful tales, tools, and tips you will return to again and again. Don’t wait to exchange yesterday’s worn out, inadequate approaches for high impact, cutting edge techniques that REALLY work. Asking about Asking should be considered required reading for anyone involved with serious fundraising.