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Stephen C. Nill, JD

About Stephen

Podcast: Darin Martin is interviewed by CharityChannel's Stephen Nill

Darin Martin first came to my attention in April, 2017 when he contributed an excellent blog post, Aid Distribution Programs: Good for Nonprofits, Donors, and the Poor and then, in May, 2017, his follow-on post, How Nonprofits Can Avoid Reinventing the Square Wheel. Both posts show how nonprofits that distribute aid can leverage their effectiveness several times over by adopting an aid distribution program. I was impressed by the case that Darin made for such programs and invited him to chat with me with the recorder on. I invite anyone connected with a charity that distributes aid in the United States or internationally to listen in by clicking the play button or by downloading the Darin Martin Interview.



Darin can be contacted at [email protected] His firm's website is


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