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Stephen C. Nill, JD

About Stephen

Do your peers consider you a master practitioner?

For the next few minutes, I want you to suspend all modesty and answer this question: Do your peers consider you a master practitioner?

Do you?

When I was preparing the recent two-week online CharityChannel’s Masters of Fundraising Summit, I had the daunting task of inviting 30 of our peers as presenters at the Summit – the colleagues who would be presented by CharityChannel as true masters of fundraising.

​​I knew that in making my selection, I would be proclaiming from the CharityChannel rooftop that they are masters of their profession. ​​You would think that this would give me pause, wouldn’t you? 

​​But the selection proved easy.
​​Each of the Summit presenters had written at least one book for CharityChannel. Our editors and I had the experience of working with them during the months of writing and revision of the manuscripts, then the editing and layout phases, then the marketing and promotion phases. I received true insight into the character, professional acumen, and track record of success of these amazing authors.

Master Practitioners Give Back to their Profession

But there was something more.

​​By writing a book for their nonprofit-sector peers, each was willing to put in the long hours of writing and revision to share their hard-won wisdom and expertise despite busy schedules and heavy day-to-day responsibilities of their own. That willingness to give back to their profession is what elevated them to true masters and made my selection decisions easy.

Have You Written Your Book Yet?

How about you? Have you written your book yet?

In future installments, I'll talk about doing just that.


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