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Jana Jane Hexter

About Jana

O, wherefore art thou Romeo? What to do when the passion for grant writing is illusive

Inspiration, passion, commitment. We all love to have these when it comes to life – both at work and home.

But sometimes they are just illusive. Sometimes the plain truth is that we feel tired of writing about our organization or the new program that you are asked to help build is just not that interesting.

So, what can we do to recharge and refuel our enthusiasm? Here are few suggestions.

Acknowledge the truth.

It’s OK to feel uninspired sometimes. But we often just soldier on pretending it isn’t so. And when we do that work becomes, well, work.

It’s perfectly OK for you to take a look and say “Hmm, I’m feeling bored here” and then instead of skipping immediately off into blameland take a look about what is leading to your disinterest.

Are you just tired? Have you been doing the same thing over and over again for a while? Is there a relationship dynamic that is draining your energy?

Take a look at what is going on. Then you have a better chance of dealing with it directly.

Get out of your office.

Go sit with the clients that your social service agency serves. Talk to people as they wait or greet them as they come into the program. This helps you to reconnect to the reason that we work in the social sector – to create more love and support in our world.

Sometimes we forget how our work really impacts lives and seeing a spark of interest in a child’s eyes or genuine relief from stress or pain can fuel you for years to come.

Learn something new.

Read a book about a totally new subject or talk with a friend who is in a completely different field and ask about how their world works.

This follows the adage that a change is as good as a rest. When we pull ourselves out of our typical thinking pattern we can stimulate new and interesting outlooks on our work.

Read something that is well-written.

This will help you see the power of the written word. I’m a big fan of the Economist magazine because of the wit, wry humor and sharp thinking expressed by their journalists. When I’m struggling for coherence I make myself a cup of tea and read a few articles about esoteric subjects and it will often kick start my own brain.


We all need to recharge our batteries but sometimes we just forget. We know that we feel better after we exercise, when we do something that connects us with our core being such as meditation or prayer, when we eat a healthy balanced diet, spend time with loved ones and remember to have fun.

But, sometimes we just fall off the living-well log. So, take five minutes right now and look at how you’ve been living your life over the last few weeks. See what has been missing for you and then make a commitment to schedule some time this week to refuel.

I know that you work in the social sector to create a better world. We can only do this effectively when we take care of our own needs first. So, the next time you hit the blah-roadblock, I hope this article helps you to find your inspiration.


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