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Stephen C. Nill, JD

About Stephen

New Series from CharityChannel Press: Nonprofit Management Simplified

When I read a proposal from Marilyn L. Donnellan for a series of nonprofit management guides, I was so impressed that, after consulting with my team, we created a new series: Nonprofit Management Simplified™.

The new series was developed by CharityChannel Press for the busy nonprofit executive director/CEO who is faced with many challenges—staffing the nonprofit, managing programs effectively, financing the organization through a variety of funding sources, and developing an effective board of directors—not to mention the everyday hurdles of running the organization. The books in this series tackle each of these topics, and then some! But they are not academic tomes; they are designed for you to read cover to cover or to quickly scan through to find an area you need to address right now. And they’re loaded with forms and charts that you can adapt for your nonprofit. I hope that you enjoy the books in this series and that you’ll become a stronger executive director/CEO because of them.

Donnellan has written the first three guides in the series. Let me tell you about them:

Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development

As an executive director/CEO, you wear many hats—managing staff and volunteers, developing and overseeing programs, raising money to fund the organization, staffing the nonprofit, complying with regulations, and properly reporting to funders and the public. Not only that, but you also have volunteer board members to report to. This guide is designed to help you manage the human resources outside of your staff—the board and volunteers.

Better yet, get the bundle which includes this guide and the other two guides in this series.

Nonprofit Management Simplified: Internal Operations

This guide is the answer for the person who wants to start a nonprofit, has taken over a nonprofit and wonders where to start to “clean things up,” or wants to make sure the nonprofit is running at peak efficiency while serving its noble purpose.

Dreams are the basis of most nonprofits, but reality is that executive directors/CEOs of nonprofits must be able to manage effectively in order to take their nonprofits from altruistic vision to fulfillment of that vision. This book helps you to become a great nonprofit leader who can propel your organization to be one of those star nonprofits we all admire!

Nonprofit Management Simplified: Programs and Fundraising

Every executive director/CEO needs to oversee the effective implementation of the nonprofit’s programs, the essential core of its mission. Of course, the old saying “no money, no mission” means that executive directors also need to ensure that the organization has sufficient funds to operate programs.

This guide gives you the tools you need to ensure that both aspects of running the organization get their share of attention. You will learn not only how to implement programs and the fundraising that supports them, but also how to evaluate success in both these areas. And you will learn how to use marketing strategies to promote both your programs and your fundraising efforts.



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