Contributor: Michael Wells

Grants and Foundation Review gets Stimulus

About four years ago Larry Gallery, the founding editor of Grants and Foundation Review, called and said he was moving on and would I consider editing this review? I was astounded, honored and nervous — but said yes. And so began my journey into online journalism. They say if you want to learn something, teach it. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from really reading every article in this review, not just skimming when I had the time. We have a fabulous bank of writers with broad experience and I hope that you, the reader/audience, have gotten as much from this forum as I have.

But four years is a long time, and the Review needs some new energy. I told Stephen Nill and he went about looking for the perfect editor to take GFR to its next level. He found her in Becki Shawver. Becki has been contributing to GFR since at least 2004 on a staggering variety of topics. She’s knowledgeable, funny and knows the grants business from the inside out. Here’s what her official GFR bio says about her:

Rebecca Vermillion Shawver possesses an MPA degree from Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indianapolis campus. She is currently the Director of Grant Administration at Brazosport College. Her duties include assisting college administrators, faculty and staff members in the development of federal, state, corporate and private foundation grant applications; developing the conceptual aspects of proposals through the proposal review process and the analysis of statistical data; developing proposal budgets and determining personnel, equipment, and other costs to be charged to funding agencies; researching funding opportunities; conducting proposal writing and other grant-related workshops for college personnel; assisting project directors in monitoring funded proposals; and publishing a twice-monthly grant newsletter.

Rebecca is an active member of the Council for Resource Development (CRD). She is a past CRD Director for Region VI and member of the CRD National Board.  She has presented numerous workshops at multiple regional and national CRD conferences.

A native-born Hoosier, Rebecca continues to serve as a consultant for agencies located in the State of Indiana.  Additionally, she is the author of "What Funders Want: Developing Evaluation Plans to Support Your K-12 Grant Applications" (LRP Publications).

Rebecca is a dedicated volunteer working with the AFS Intercultural Programs.  As the Volunteer Chair for the AFS Cradle of Texas Chapter, she is responsible for implementing and coordinating the AFS high school exchange program throughout Brazoria County, Texas.  Having hosted seventeen exchange students over the past twenty years, she and her husband are currently the proud host parents of an AFS son from Germany.  Additionally, she serves on the Advisory Committee for the Brazosport Youth Orchestra.

So welcome Becki! And I’m not leaving. We’ll be co-editors but she’ll be doing the bulk of the work soliciting contributors and articles and editing. And this seems a good time to say if you’ve considered writing for CharityChannel, especially Grants & Foundation Review, click that button on the left of your screen and sign up.


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