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Tuesday’s Free 35-minute webinar: Raise More Money from Your Local Business Community

As we announced a few days ago, CharityChannel Press and NPO Connect are collaborating on an exciting new series of free 35-minute webinars featuring the authors of our popular In the Trenches series as well as nonprofit titles in our For the GENIUS series.

The second webinar in the series is Raise More Money from Your Local Business Community, presented by Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE. The fast-paced webinar is based on the book and workbook of the same name. Please register ASAP, as it starts Tuesday, October 14 at 11 a.m. EDT.

Raise More Money from Your Business Community - Bundle of Book and ManualTopic: Today’s economy is challenging for corporations, individuals, and especially for nonprofits. If your organization has relied on corporate support in the past or is thinking about how to best approach businesses in a challenging economy, this session will be one you don’t want to miss.

We will discuss:

  • The challenges facing corporations today
  • How nonprofits can develop win-win situations to encourage corporate philanthropy
  • How to approach business leaders
  • How to motivate business leaders to become involved in your organization, and
  • How to develop a corporate appeal.

How to Register:

The free webinar is hosted by NPO Connect. To register, please visit

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