Tykeysha “Ty” Boone is chief consultant and nonprofit strategist at Ty Boone Enterprises. Ty serves her community as a published author, speaker, coach, and nonprofit success strategist. With more than twenty years experience in academic and clinical research, community program planning, and nonprofit management and development, Ty has a reputation for helping people secure and sustain nonprofit status without the traditional headache or hassle, while equipping them with the tools necessary to increase their capacity for nonprofit success. Ty is a Certified Nonprofit Consultant, and holds formal degrees and training in psychology, public health, and community health education.

Ty’s work in the academic/research institution setting proved pivotal in helping to establish and sustain relationships between the university and its community partners. It was during this work that Ty observed the desire of community-based organizations to reap the benefits that came along with having major partners or securing substantial amounts of funding. However many of them either lacked the capacity or were not properly positioned to do so.

Her work with community-based organizations lead to various leadership positions and proved pivotal in solidifying relationships with organizations such as the United Way. With Ty’s help, small and underexperienced nonprofits have experienced greater success with diversified funding efforts, developed promising and profitable partnerships, increased capacity, and are better positioned to secure funding from federally recognized agencies such as NIH and SAMHSA.

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My Leadership Approach Was Failing. So I Changed It.

I was part of a leadership success story that Stephen Nill has invited me to share. First, though, let me admit to him, and to you, something that was quite painful: I very nearly failed right from the start...