With over thirty years of experience working with individuals who care about the world, Susan is an intuitive strategist. She helps people feel good about themselves and create purposeful connections in areas of deep and abiding interest. Susan helps clients get Conscious, Clear and Confident, live in Purpose; Legacy, fulfilled.

Learn more about Susan: https://www.whatwillyourlegacybe.com.

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Here’s Your Nonprofit Leader’s Self-Care Handbook

In my interviews, not a single nonprofit leader said anything like, “Oh, I didn’t realize that a healthy self-care practice could change my life and have lasting positive ramifications for my organization.” This seems to be known quite well. However, the act of incorporating self-care into daily life seems to be the sticking point. That’s where the handbook comes in. (I share it in this article.)

Self-Care for Nonprofit Leaders: Bracing Yourself for the Busiest Season

Year-end looms and a race begins for what is unarguably the busiest season for any nonprofit. Whether or not your fiscal year-end is on December 31, this date is the taxpayer’s year-end. It affects you. How on earth to take care of yourself when you are taking care of business?

Leadership, Self-Care, and the Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

While others are planning summer vacations and feeling happier and a bit freer during the dog days of summer, the impassioned people who run the nonprofit sector are working as much or more, making mission happen. Nat King Cole recorded a song in 1963 with the hook, “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.” As a nonprofit leader, I bet you wish it were so for you.


Self-Care for Nonprofit Leaders: A Spring Frame of Mind

Have you had something percolating in your mind for months about what you want to do or how you want to change your habits? Do you desire a healthier physical or spiritual life? Have you had thoughts of wanting to feel better, get better, and do better for yourself, your family, your team? Perhaps you’ve had a desire to create new habits or patterns for how you want to be. Now is the time! Spring has sprung!

Self-Care for Nonprofit Leaders: On Balance

If balance is a hallmark of self-care, then it seems most nonprofit leaders fail. Where on that list are you? Where in The Balancing Act do you interject time for self or family, full healthy meals, a workout, a mind-clearing meditation, or even a quick walk outside?

Self-Care for Nonprofit Leaders: What About Me?

Let me ask: How do you feel every day when you walk through the doors of your office? Do you feel energized, refreshed, excited, impassioned? Do you feel ready to take on the day, knowing your resources are in place and secure, and ready to Make Mission Happen?