Stephen Nill founded CharityChannel in 1992 as a means of connecting his nonprofit hospital chain's fund development staff over the Internet to their colleagues at other organizations. That first discussion community grew into what is today the oldest and largest community of third-sector professionals in the world, comprised of well over 100,000 participants worldwide. He has been working in the US and international third sector for more than four decades. He has served as the Chief Development Officer at a major Southern California university, the CEO of a large health care foundation, a senior vice-president of fund development of a U.S. west-coast nonprofit hospital chain, as a founder and acting director of development of a parochial school in his community, and as a founder of an organization dedicated to providing food and clothing for homeless persons.

Stephen enjoys composing symphonic and choir music at wee hours of the morning in his studio. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Janet, and his golden retriever, Gypsy.

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Video: How Do You REALLY Know If Your Nonprofit is Succeeding?

How do you really know if your nonprofit organization is succeeding? In a word, evaluation.

Why Write for CharityChannel?

CharityChannel is known for its articles contributed by busy nonprofit practitioners like you. I'm writing to let you know that we've just opened the CharityChannel Contributor's Panel to new members for a limited time.

Imagine the next 25 Years of Philanthropy

In its Winter 2018 issue, the AFP's publication Advancing Philanthropy invited me to write an article on what I see as the changes in the fundraising profession that we can expect in the next quarter century and beyond.

Matching Gifts guru Steve Hafner shows how to harness employer data

When it comes to nonprofit fundraising, one of the most powerful things you can do is to multiply a single gift. Of course, we're talking about a matching gifts program where the donor's employer matches the gift. In this video, I sit down with Steve Hafner, the visionary behind HEPdata, a company that does the heavy lifting of connecting your prospective donors with their employer's matching gift program.

New Book: Zen and the Art of Fundraising

It's Friday, the perfect day to let you know about our newest book released today, Zen and the Art of Fundraising: 8 Pillars of Success.
At just 84 pages, you could easily read it on a weekend, though its profound lessons may well take a lifetime to perfect. It's by Alexandra Pia Brovey, JD, LLM, a true master not just of fundraising but of Shotokan karate, for which she holds a black belt.

Brian Saber opens enrollment in Asking Matters

Brian, a member of the CharityChannel professional community, believes that to really improve ourselves in asking for major gifts takes a commitment of time and willingness to hone our skills. He provides a rich learning environment through his state-of-the-art membership site, Asking Matters. He has carefully designed it to enable us to really learn and grow as fund raisers, particularly with regard to major gifts.