Shandran Thornburgh has been the Volunteer Services Director of the Virginia Living Museum (VLM) since 2003.

Prior to coming to the VLM, Shandran served as Community Volunteer Coordinator with the City of Glendale, Arizona, where she developed a full-scale pilot program that was recognized with a regional award for service to the community.

Her career also includes nine years in Student Affairs at Columbia College of South Carolina and then the College of Charleston as Director of Residential Living and Programming. Here she discovered her passion and talent for organizing volunteer service programs and events.

A native of North Carolina, Shandran obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Lenoir-Rhyne College and a master’s degree in student development from Appalachian State University.

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Volunteer Discipline: It All Starts With You

Do the thoughts of talking to a volunteer about a performance issue sometimes make you cringe? Do you put it off as long as possible? Chances are, you are not alone! Many of us may perish the thought of having to correct one of our favorite (or maybe not-so-favorite) volunteers. I would venture to say…

Practical Tips for Planning Group-Oriented Volunteer Projects

Let's say your agency is geared up for a big service day, National Youth Service Day, for example, and when the day arrives, only a few volunteers show up and someone forgot to buy paintbrushes. Sound familiar? Based on situations like this, some would wonder if bringing in a group of volunteers for a day…