Scott Martin, M.Ed., is a Volunteer Services Administrator with the Delaware Volunteer Resource Center in Dover, Delaware. He has worked in the field of volunteer management for 15 years, holding positions as a volunteer manager in a small non-profit, the director of a national service program and as a professional in a state office of volunteerism. He is also the lead instructor for Delaware's certificate program in volunteer management.

Scott's most recent project was the creation of the 50+ Community Service Resource Center, a community-based recruitment center offering computer-assisted assessment, resource library of local, national and international volunteer opportunities and referral services.

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Baby Boomers, Adult Service Learning and Transformative Volunteer Experiences, Part 1

Why are there so few service learning opportunities for older adults? Why has so little been written on the subject? Why don’t we have a uniquely “adult” theory of service learning? A Missed Opportunity Service learning is an educational method that combines experiential learning with community service. In her paper, “Service Learning and Older Adults,”…

Creating Boomer-Friendly Volunteer Opportunities, Part 3: Groups

Come with me to a meeting of Del-EASI. Del-EASI (pronounced “del-easy”) stands for the Delaware Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement. The meeting we are attending is being held in the library of an old historic home, now a conference center. The surroundings are elegant. The room is filled with 30 retired men and women. Nearly…

Creating Boomer-Friendly Volunteer Opportunities, Part 2: Developing Skilled Short-term Projects

Sitting across the desk from you is Cynthia. Cynthia is a woman in her early sixties. She is dressed in a suit and has an air of confidence about her. Cynthia has impressive qualifications. She holds an MBA and was a vice president at a local bank before retiring. You are delighted to have her…

Creating Boomer-friendly Volunteer Opportunities: Part 1: Restructuring Existing Opportunities

“Companies Retain Older Employees with Alternative Working Arrangements.” “Top 25 Companies for Older Workers.” No doubt, you have read headlines like these, too. More and more companies are restructuring jobs to retain and attract retirement age Baby Boomers. Can the same be said for the non-profit sector? Are volunteer programs busy creating Boomer-friendly opportunities? Will…

Talking to Baby Boomers about Volunteering - Part 2: Volunteering As a Career Transition Strategy

[Editor's note:  Part 1 is available online.] “Well, what I am really looking for is a paid job.” Do you dread hearing those words? If a recent survey of Baby Boomers is correct, volunteer managers are likely to hear them more and more. According to Merrill Lynch’s “The New Retirement Survey,” 76% of Baby Boomers…

Talking To Baby Boomers about Volunteering - Part 1: Third Quarter of Life Passions

[Editor's note:  Part 2 is available online.] How do we talk to Baby Boomers about volunteering? With the Greatest Generation, those Americans who served in WWII and their contemporaries, we would appeal to their sense of civic duty. With Boomers a more promising approach is to talk about unexplored passions. Boomers are now entering the third…