I am a writer and a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED-AP). I help organizations raise grant funds for their projects, incorporate green in to their programs, and change their buildings and practices to be more environmentally-sustainable. My focus is museums, and cultural organizations, ad open space or natural resource organizations. I write extensively about green in museums and in our communities.
Sample Current and Past Clients
American Association for State and Local History (TN)
Barrier Islands Heritage Center (Machipongo, VA)
Benjamin Franklin Institue of Techology (Boston, MA)
Blithewold Mansion, Gardens and Arboretum (Bristol, RI)
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum (St. Michaels, MD)
Connecticut League of Historical Organizations (CT)
Dumbarton House (DC)
Detroit Zooligical Society
Maryland Historical Society
New England Aquarium (Boston, MA)
New York State Historical Association
Sandwich Glass Museum (MA)
George Washington University & University of Delaware

In the graduate Museum Studies Programs I am an adjunct faculty member teaching the course The Green Museum.

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
I work with the President to develop and sustain a grants program of $800,000 in annual funding for scholarships and program development. As they fulfill the Mayor’s designation as leader for green-collar technical education they are planning a green curriculum and greening their building.

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Working with the director, I developed and moderated a grant-funded, county-wide workshop on campus-greening for nonprofits.

Habitat for Humanity of Dorchester and Talbot Counties

Conducted an assessment of sustainable option in policy and practice, blending it with building criteria, to begin organization-wide change to a sustainable program for the organization and partner families.

New England Aquarium

We won a NOAA grant (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) for nearly $100,000 to fund a marine mammal rescue team in Massachusetts, and to study causes of stranding and death in marine mammals.
Books Published
The Green Museum: A Primer for Environmental Sustainability, with Elizabeth Wylie, for AltaMira Press, August 2008.

Are You Grant Ready? How to tell when your organization is ready to successfully attract grants AASLH History Series, AltaMira Press, November 2005.
Most Recent Articles
"Saving America's Treasures" about the Save America's Treasures grant program, History News, American Association for State and Local HIstory, Summer 2010.

"Saving Collections; Saving the Planet", Museum, American Association of Museums, November/December 2009, co-written with Elizabeth Wylie.

"The State of Green in American Museums", Musees, Quebec Museums Association, September 2008.

“The Greener Good: The Enviro-Active Museum”, Museum, January/February, 2008, co-written with Elizabeth Wylie

“On Chasing Grants” – Museum Practice, London, February 2007

“Green Museums”– A series of three articles in 2006 for the Foundation Center’s Philanthropy News Digest co-written with Elizabeth Wylie of Finegold+Alexander Inc.

“It’s Easy Being Green; Museums and the Green Movement”, Museum News September-October, 2006, co-written with Elizabeth Wylie

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The Green Nonprofit: Learning to Find No-Cash/Low-Cash Options for Sustainable Practices

“But isn’t green more expensive?” That’s the misconception, all right.

If you are trying to introduce sustainable practices in your department or in your organization, often the expectation of additional expense is your first barrier (quickly followed by “I don’t know anything about that”). This article should help you break through the money barrier and start you and your organization on a new path for green or environmentally-sustainable practice.

Crowdfunding Green Nonprofits: A New Opportunity

In this article, I'll discuss crowdfunding green nonprofits. Environmental sustainability – working and living within the planet’s ability to support today’s population and the coming generations – has reached into nearly every aspect of our lives in the United States. This is not surprising since sustainability is an ecosystem concept meaning any change affects many,…

About Funding Environmental Sustainability for Your Agency

Green Projects are Often the Smartest Projects A wise woman once told me that “money must do more than one thing.” She was speaking from experience as a reviewer for state funding and was advising my agency on positioning for new funding. That maxim has served me well for twenty years, and it continues to…

Making the Case for Green

Green is everywhere. Being able to talk about green in your proposals demonstrates you hear public discourse and have recognized how it and your work intersect. It demonstrates to funders how resourceful you are with money, energy, materials, practice and information. It also shows respect for the environment, your staff and visitors or clients, and…

Development Office – As in Environmentally Thoughtful

It’s obvious how the new building or the renovations should be green, and that everyone should be recycling and saving energy, but exactly how does that affect the development office? The most obvious effect is donor impressions of wastefulness. Don’t we want to demonstrate to our investors, partners, and donors that we are thoughtful with…

Summit Meetings: Their Value in Planning and, therefore, Grants Development

Planning is a proposal-writer’s best friend. Planning, summit-style, is a great example. If you’ve ever dreamed of the opportunity to bring multiple minds to bear on a big project, perhaps this article will encourage you and others to just do it. The museum field is often a little ADD: its institutions love to try out…