I am a growth and funding strategist who helps entrepreneurs and organizations to thrive, prosper and achieve their most ambitious goals. Using my unique model, I have helped my clients to secure more than $146 million in grants and funding, and enabled them to deploy new programs and strategies, conduct research, commercialize innovative technologies, reach new markets and customers, increase market share, extend their brand, address community problems and issues, grow internationally and much, much more.

For more than 15 years, I have helped public- and private-sector clients around the globe to secure the funds they need to achieve their goals. I have worked with individual entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, large businesses, multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations, tribes, and governmental agencies of every type, helping them all to make their visions a reality. My 360-degree model can position any type of business, organization or agency to obtain the funding it needs through grants, traditional loans, crowdfunding, venture capital, angel investors, and even non-traditional funding models.

I am the author of Business Grants: Everything You Need to Know to Connect with Local, State and Federal Grants for Business and speak at conferences, workshops and events throughout the year. Most recently, I was a featured speaker at the Tribalnet Conference (technology) in San Diego, New Energy Capital Summit in San Francisco, Pacific West Biomass Conference in San Francisco, and the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp presented by the Cambridge Innovation Center (an innovation incubator) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I write for a number of publications including TribalNet Magazine and the Charity Channel and have been featured in dozens of articles and television news shows across the United States and internationally.

Part of my in-depth understanding of the reasons why some projects or companies get funded and others don’t stems from my work as a professional reviewer of funding proposals for a diverse range of programs including: Rural Utilities Service; Department of Education; Department of Health and Human Services; Administration for Native Americans; Florida Department of Education; Community Development Block Grant program and more. I know first-hand what those who hold the purse strings look for when determining which projects get funding and which get tossed aside.

I am also a lifelong entrepreneur who through years of trial and error learned what it takes to succeed. I also know first-hand that success is possible regardless of background, circumstance or situation. I started my first business at the age of 21, opening a chain of retail stores with a business partner. Afterwards, we began manufacturing and selling our own line of licensed apparel. Later, I started another company with the specific goal of selling our products in the mass market. Wal-Mart was our first customer. Later, our customer roster expanded to include nearly all of the large national retail chains. Along the way we had some tremendous successes but also made a lot of very serious mistakes.

Although I was very successful I realized that manufacturing and selling ‘stuff’ was not what I wanted to do with my life. Instead, I began to redirect me efforts towards using my skills, background and experience to help others to achieve their goals.

Since then, besides helping my clients to secure more than $146 million in funding, I have worked with and advised entrepreneurs across the United States and around the globe. I have engineered startups in the U.S., United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and South America and have helped entrepreneurs launch their products in the mass market, getting their products on the shelves of nearly all of the mass market retailers in the United States. I helped one client take her sales from $50,000 in annual revenue to being on the shelves of Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Kroger, HEB and more, with millions in sales. This ‘rags-to-riches’ story was featured in newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts, local and national news shows and even CNN International.

Throughout my more than 25 years’ business experience, I have found that although they may have a great idea, many entrepreneurs are so inwardly focused that they can’t take an objective, panoramic view of their business model. As a result, they don’t get the funding they need or achieve their desired goals. Using my methodology, I work with entrepreneurs to build a fully-developed 360-degree model that connects their business with the funding or resources they need to launch, grow and thrive.

I am fully bilingual (English/Spanish) and live part of the year in Greenville, South Carolina and spend the rest of my time in other parts of the world.

I love traveling and have lived in lots of different places in the United States and have lived in Berlin, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Lima. I have wanderlust so I don't think I'll settle down in one place any time soon. I'm happy exploring, living in different places, meeting new people and experiencing other ways of life.

By the way, I am a high school dropout. I dropped out of high school at age 16 and got my GED but eventually decided to go to college. I now have a Bachelor's Degree (management), an MBA (with a specialization in management), have completed the coursework for my Doctorate in Business Management and am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Finance and Accounting. I hope to teach (adjunct) one of these days.

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Competitive Intelligence in Fundraising

Just as competitive intelligence is essential to the development of sound for-profit business strategies, it is also critical to the development of successful, sustainable fundraising strategies for nonprofits. Competitive intelligence in the nonprofit sector is the process of defining, gathering and analyzing pertinent information that supports strategic fundraising plans and decisions.

Grantwriters and politicians: Should you be friends?

A recent USA Today poll showed that public opinion of the US Congress is the lowest it has ever been, with a mere 12 percent of Americans approving. And while on a personal level you may not be thrilled with your political leaders, politicians—local, state, and national—can be instrumental in supporting your grant seeking efforts.…

Building Fundable Budgets

I have been writing grants for more than fifteen years. During that time, I have secured more than $138 million in grant funds for my clients. I also work as a proposal reviewer for a variety of state and federal funding agencies. Some of the agencies for which I review grant proposals include the United…

Writing Grant Proposals for Faith-based Organizations

At both the state and federal levels, budgets for social service programs for the poor and disadvantaged are being slashed at unprecedented levels. For instance, according to http://www.usaspending.gov, from 1996 to 2011, the federally-administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program saw its cash assistance budget shrink from $20.4 billion to $9.6 billion. Similarly, states…

Success in Grant Seeking: It’s All About Relationships

In the world of fundraising—much like anything else in life—relationships and knowing the right people can provide a competitive edge. Look at any large museum, cultural organization or nonprofit and almost inevitably, you will find that a number of their large donors and foundation trustees are involved in their fundraising efforts.  It not, they sit…

From a Proposal Reviewer’s Perspective

I have been writing grants for more than fifteen years. During that time, I have secured more than $120 million in grant funds for my clients. While I was a very successful grant proposal for the first ten years of my writing career, my success rate began to increase dramatically about five years ago when…