Robin Cabral is the one and only outsourced development professional with over twenty-five years of experience providing value-added consulting services with razor-sharp monthly result objectives and benchmarked deliverables.

She works with mid-sized nonprofits that want to position themselves to build capacity and generate MORE fundraising prospects, BETTER donor relationships, and BIGGER fundraising dollars. She specializes in providing outsourced, interim development services and assisting smaller organizations in their first campaigns; annual, capital, and endowment.

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Leveraging Social Media to Advance Your Fundraising Career

In years past, our resumes were the only thing that represented our “mark” in the world and our accomplishments.  Today that has all changed. Traditional resumes are no longer the front and center of your professional career, so how can you create a digital presence that makes you stand out? Here are the steps I recommend to clean up your digital act so that you get noticed by your networks and by those considering you for your next job.

Five Steps to Communicating a Change in Leadership

To ensure a smooth leadership transition, it is important for the organization to be proactive about communicating this change in leadership to its key stakeholders, including donors and funders. Here's how.

How to Turn Your Event Attendees into Supportive Donors

It might not seem like it, but the calendar-year-end fundraising season will be here before we know it. Along with it comes those special events that every nonprofit organization must host.

Do You Review Your Fund Development Office Structure Annually?

Let’s face it, we don’t always have control over the world around us. In this real world, for a nonprofit to survive, it needs to keep pace with the changing times. The efficient and effective function of the fund development office is critical to the survival of any nonprofit. That is why the structure of this office, in particular, should be reviewed frequently.

Event Sponsorships: From Prospecting to Solicitation to Stewardship

It would be advantageous for a nonprofit fundraising event to have all of its costs covered by sponsorships. Here's how.