Roberta Cooke is a development and funding consultant who specializes in creating new opportunities for educational and not-for-profit organizations. She brings to the table extensive knowledge of how to apply business principles to the philanthropic sector. Her work with numerous urban, minority and grassroots charitable organizations has made her an expert in marrying empathetic prose with empirical data.

She offers clients the insights gleaned from a decade’s worth of statistical analysis and research. This data helps organizations prove to their grantors both the success of their programs as well as the situations and circumstances that their clientele face, providing a financial rather than a “feel-good” impetus for donors to pledge their dollars.

In a development director capacity, Roberta effectively manages donor and other resources to maximize the opportunities available to her clients. Her skills in communications and publicity maximize the impact of donations and elevate the profile of client organizations in the media and philanthropic community.

Roberta has also served as a philanthropic educator, training not-for-profit organizations to help them better articulate their needs, maximize their resources and perform the community and media outreach necessary for growth.

She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her family and two cats.

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Getting It All Together: A MUST for Grant Writers

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Statistics That Can Give Your Grant Proposal the Leading Edge - Part 2

Editor's note: This is Part 2 of a two-part article.  Part 1 ran June 14, 2006.   II. Where do I find the most useful statistics? There are many excellent web sites that provide extensive information and statistics. Listed below are some of those most widely used web sites. Because "children and youth" is the…

Statistics That Can Give Your Grant Proposal the Leading Edge - Part 1

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