Mike is a partner in the firm of BWB Solutions. His practice focuses on improving the capacity of organizations to solve their own problems. Mike facilitates and serves as a resource for nonprofits addressing issues of governance, strategic planning and marketing planning, helping each organization set goals and priorities and establish appropriate budgeting and monitoring processes. Prior to joining BWB Solutions in 1994, Mike was the Executive Director of DATA [Development and Technical Assistance Research and Resource Center], based in New Haven. For 10 years, Mike was Associate Professor of Management at the Antioch-New England Graduate Schools of Organization and Management and Environmental Studies.

Mike has nearly four deaces of consulting experience; he has written and edited several books on nonprofit management and fundraising. He is a member of and has been a trainer in the Alliance, the association of nonprofit management assistance providers. He has a BA from Marquette University in Business Administration; MA from Lesley College in Nonprofit Management and Governance and a Graduate Certificate from University of Hartford in Nonprofit Marketing.

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Seven Warning Signs that Something May Not Be Right in Your Nonprofit

A really effective executive can make a nonprofit successful. But, a really ineffective or even incompetent executive who, for instance, epitomizes the Peter Principle can destroy a nonprofit. And, while there is a modicum of literature about what makes a great exec, there is little literature that describes executive behaviors that should call a board…

Theory of Change

Most people join a board because of a genuine desire to give back to the community. Sometimes it’s at the invitation of a friend or colleague; other times it’s in response to a community need that closely aligns with an individual’s personal values. While one member may be clear about his or her values and…