Micki has over 10 years of experience writing grants for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.  Her grant writing projects have ranged from training grants to funding supporting supply chain development for a large OEM in the defense industry to a “green industry” grant that resulted in an award of over $2.5 million to support an equipment acquisition at one Illinois manufacturer.

Micki has over 20 years of experience working in manufacturing and consulting with leaders of manufacturing companies. Her Industrial Engineering degree and Masters in Business Administration have provided a sound technical foundation for her for-profit grant writing projects.

For the past two years, Micki has also been the contract grant writer for an organization that provides life and job skills training and independent living options for adults with developmental disabilities.  In this capacity, she has successfully written federal grants to support an Early Head Start program; state economic development grants to provide funding for the organization’s recycling program; and several foundation grants to support various projects to benefit the clientele.

Micki has done pro bono grant writing for a church in her parents’ community and fire department in the village where she lives. She has done other business writing projects for her clients including business plan development to support funding requests; ghost blog writing; and case study writing. She offers grant writing training courses to companies and local associations.

Micki has recently formed Lakeview Consulting to use her unique combination of creativity, technical expertise and writing skills to help both nonprofit and for-profit companies maximize their capacity to serve their clients and customers.

Micki graduated from the University of Illinois-Urbana with a BS in Industrial Engineering and from Webster University in St. Louis with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. The Grant Professional Certification Institute (GPCI) recognized Micki as a Grant Professional Certified (GPC) in September of 2013.  She is the first Illinois-based GPC located south of the Chicago suburbs and only the seventh credentialed in the state of Illinois.

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