Michele Hickey is owner/principal of Silver Lining Communications, LLC, a boutique writing services firm that assists nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and small businesses with their content writing and marketing needs. In addition, Michele is Executive Vice President of Dennis C. Miller’s Nonprofit Search Group and Board and Leadership Institute, and she recently joined the Editorial Board of AdLab Media Communications’ publishing division.

Michele has an MS in Professional and Technical Communication from NJIT, an MA in Nonprofit Management from the New School University, and a BA in Business from Rutgers University. She is a Certified Constant Contact Solution Provider as well.

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The Power of Storytelling

Successful organizations are fueled by passion—the emotional give-and-take between and among stakeholders that adds up to more than the sum of its parts. You want to convey the impact of your work. You want to share a feeling about your vision of a better future. There are three main categories of story that I would like for you to think about, and to have at the ready, for when time and opportunity allow for a richer conversation about your organization: the Founding Story, the Client Story, and the Donor Story.

Executive Search for a Nonprofit CEO: Finding Top Candidates

Your executive search committee is ready for action. Key stakeholders have weighed in on the competencies needed in the next CEO. A detailed profile of the ideal candidate is in hand. Now what?

Nonprofit CEO Search: Do We Really Need a Search Committee?

A nonprofit CEO search committee will mean more phone calls, meetings, memos, and email blasts. But there are two excellent reasons to form and implement a search committee for your CEO search. Do you know what they are?

Do's and Don'ts for a Successful Nonprofit CEO Search

As executive search consultants, we’ve seen and worked through a lot of scenarios, from navigating the succession of a dynamic organization founder to reorganization and replacement of an ineffective, short-term chief executive. There is no single right way to approach a chief executive search and transition. That said, we do observe certain truisms that serve boards well regardless of the specifics of their situation. In this article, we cover the most important truisms.

Keeping Track of Key Donors

Many years ago, I took a graduate-level class in “systems design.” Much to my surprise, our course work never actually involved a computer. (Yes, computers did exist at this time, although few not-for-profit organizations actually had them.) The instructor’s philosophy was that as nonprofit managers, it was somewhat unlikely that we would ever be involved…

Project Ideas: The Good, the Bad, and the Incomprehensible

As grant proposal writers, we are often the first to review program ideas from the perspective of what I’ll call “fundability.” I’d wager that we’ve all had moments when it seemed the only appropriate response was, “Please tell me I don’t have to take this idea any further than the wastebasket.” What is our role…