Michael L. Wyland, CSL, is a principal in the firm Sumption & Wyland. He has over thirty years of experience in corporate and government public policy, management, and administration.

He is an expert on nonprofit governance and fundraising issues featured in media including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, FierceHealthCare, CharityChannel, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, and The Nonprofit Quarterly. He currently serves as an editorial advisory board member and contributor to The Nonprofit Quarterly, with more than one-hundred articles published since 2012.

Michael served as chief operations officer of CharityChannel during its early years.

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When Your Partner is Your Spouse (and Your Spouse is Your Partner)

I can't remember how many people are astonished to hear that my wife and I have operated a consulting firm together for 12 years. Most say something like, "How can you do it? I can't imagine working with my husband/wife!" Of course, husbands and wives work together all the time, and have throughout history. Whether…

Are You a Consultant, or a Contractor?

I'm in the middle of reading Alan Weiss' book "Million Dollar Consulting," an excellent, thought-provoking book about building a quality, rewarding practice. Early in the book, a few paragraphs really caught my attention. Weiss defines a consultant as "...someone who provides a specialized expertise, content, behavior, skill, or other resource to assist the client to…

Fill Dirt and Croissants?

One of my favorite cartoonists is Gary Larson, whose "The Far Side" was a favorite of millions until he retired the feature in 1994. Imagine a single-frame cartoon showing a wooden tool shack in the middle of a construction excavation site. On the shack is a sign that reads: "Fred's Fill Dirt & Croissants." Too…