Maureen Yee is Senior Officer, Leadership Gifts at Saratoga Hospital.

Prior to that, she was Director of Development for Whitney M. Young, Jr. Health Center, Inc., where she was responsible for all fund development, marketing, and communications efforts. Prior to that, she was Director of Grants for St. Peter's Hospital Foundation, where she was responsible for securing corporate, foundation, and government grants to support the component agencies of St. Peter's Health Care Services.

Maureen is a member of the Grant Professionals Association and is a past president of the Hudson/Mohawk Chapter. She also served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Mercy Cares for Kids and continues to be involved on the Advisory Committee.

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Keep Grant Proposals Moving Forward!

A request for proposals lands on your desk. You scan it. It looks like a good fit for one of your organization's programs. It's due in six weeks. You send a brief summary of the opportunity to the program director and/or your CEO. And then you return to the other ten things on your desk…

Creating a Grant Calendar

It's September. In the midst of year-end appeals, last minute grant requests, and holiday gala planning, it's time to start planning a grants calendar for next year. Where to start Start by gathering information about the projects that are being planned for next year and the following year. Warning! This may be the most difficult…

We’re Not Just Grant Writers. We’re Grant Researchers Too.

I've certainly never considered myself a researcher. I'm a writer. I take the ideas of visionary program staff and give them shape. I describe target populations, the condition we are trying to change, the method we will use, and the outcomes we anticipate. I've never been much of one for citations and footnotes. I leave…

Considering a Move from Grants Professional to Chief Philanthropic Officer?

I recently had the pleasure of being considered for the top development position at an organization that currently raises about $1 million in philanthropic gifts annually.  While I did not land the job, I realized that pursuing a new job is not that different from pursuing a grant.  If you are looking to move out…

Be Careful What You Wish For

As grant professionals, we are constantly reminded to avoid chasing money that does not align with our mission.  We carefully evaluate a potential funding source to be sure that there is a logical connection between the donor’s interests and the programs for which we are seeking funds.  Then how do we still end up with…