Mary Hiland, PhD has forty years’ experience with nonprofits as an executive, on boards, and consulting.
Mary understands first-hand the daily challenges nonprofit leaders face. After leading two mergers, she became the CEO of a nonprofit with 530 employees. After twenty-six years as an executive (and many years of board service), Mary has been consulting and coaching nonprofits for the last fifteen years. Her passion is working with nonprofit leaders to unleash the potential of the board and strengthen the board-executive relationship.
Mary is a published author, speaker, trainer, and researcher. Effectiveness requires taking action as a result of knowledge. With several degrees and a focus in leadership and governance, Mary helps nonprofit leaders apply research and knowledge in very practical ways to the challenges they face.
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New Insights into the Board Chair-ED Relationship

Nonprofit leaders are reported to influence the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations, but little is known about the nature and extent of that influence. This is particularly true of the board chair-executive director (BC/ED) leadership partnership. If you pick up a book on nonprofit governance, it is more likely than not that you will find a…

Nonprofit Governance: Getting Back to Basics

Much is being written these days about nonprofit governance. Our attention is drawn almost daily to the topics of accountability and transparency so prevalent in professional journals, newspapers, and on the internet. Moving from these sources to a broader review of nonprofit governance literature reveals mostly "how-to" books with a thorough focus on defining and…