Mary Eileen Wood is a successful foundation and corporate grantwriter as well as:

  • An NYS certified educator comfortable with creating and using “outside the box” approaches to learning. She is a message-oriented writer/editor able to entice key players onto a new playing field to foster communication and promote education.
  • A grassroots organizer with 25+ years experience ranging from local core groups to diverse regional, national, and international networks.
  • A creative facilitator for organizations or people seeking innovative ways to multiply available human and community resources by identifying shared agendas.
  • A media specialist in placing news and human interest stories, managing “media blitzes” of print, radio, and television by public figures, and conducting speaking tours including herself and others.

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The Volunteer Manager's Guide to Media Work: Part 5 - What's On the Menu at the Volunteer Manager's Internet Cafe

Everywhere one turns, news about the World Wide Web, email, e-business abounds. From this smorgasbord of opportunities, what can volunteer managers select that will be effective, improve their efficiency, and increase their "harvest of volunteers"? In the first article of this series (Meet the Press), we noted that the Internet gives us email, listservs, websites,…

The Volunteer Manager's Guide to Media Work: Part 4 - What if a Press Release Won't Work?

You've learned a lot in this series about media work. But this year you launch a major recruiting effort for volunteers to operate the Amateur Radio Station (or "Ham Shack") just donated to your museum. No press release can contain the museum's delight with the donation, the opportunity afforded local amateur radio operators (aka "hams")…

The Volunteer Manager's Guide to Media Work: Part 3 - "The Hook"

Does the title of this article make you think of Peter Pan's Captain Hook? Your mind is definitely in the right place. He was about as subtle as "eau de skunk"; just so, your media hook should be to the point and leave no doubt as to your intentions. If you'd rather not secure your…

The Volunteer Manager's Guide to Media Work: Part 2 - What Is In Our Media Toolbox?

Hello, again. Last column, we met the media (Meet the Press), and learned that coverage helps us and them. But volunteer coordinators are not PR directors. (Our paychecks prove it.) So where do we begin? Media work is NOT rocket science. Proof: My Amnesty International group needed publicity, and I had a typewriter. Result: Instant…

The Volunteer Manager's Guide to Media Work: Part 1 - Meet the Press, Volunteer Managers!

Remember Mom's reminders about "being modest" and "taking turns" and "not bragging"? Well, the day you became a Volunteer Manager was the day you threw those admonitions out the window. Whether you work for a small town's food pantry or a major city's United Way, you have a pool of media organizations needing stories to…