Laura Lundahl has been working with nonprofits and government agencies since 1998, and currently serves Polycom as an Area Grant Manager.

Laura is a nationally recognized grants expert, specializing in grant development, program evaluation, and reviewing federal and private proposals. Laura has extensive experience as a federal grant evaluator, serving as a Federal Panel Chair since 2007 for various agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice, among others.

Prior to joining Polycom, Laura served Seattle Pacific University as the Assistant Director for Grants, and worked as a consultant in philanthropic fund development.

Laura graduated from Washington State University with a BA in Philosophy, and holds a Master’s of Public Administration from Walden University.

Laura has trained hundreds on grant and funding related topics, and is a national speaker with the Center for Nonprofit Success.

Laura has been appointed the Washington State Representative for the Grant Professionals Association .

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Government Grants: Who is your biggest advocate?

After the “submit” button is clicked on a government grant, the real fun for everyone involved in reviewing your proposal begins. Any government grant will likely be critiqued by more than one reviewer. This occurs according to an established proposal review manner, based on required granting guidelines. Further detail about what actually happens in proposal…