Karen Joyce Williams is an acknowledged leader in innovative, sustainable fundraising concepts in the areas of arts and culture, healthy communities and intergenerational mentoring.

She is an award-winning writer, educator and entrepreneur and brings over twenty years of consulting expertise to her clients and projects. Karen is the principal of Gifts, Grants & Gray Matter, a strategies firm specializing in building capacity for small nonprofits. She is also a senior partner in Global Arts Media, an integrative arts and community engineering and design firm where she specializes in creating and building eco-based artist living spaces throughout the world. She writes and consults full-time from TOM TOM, the Long Island arts and culture collective.

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Five Steps to Creating a Support System for Grant Professionals

Everyone needs support, and grant professionals, who tend to straddle the many core functions within an organization, may need it the most. Grantsmanship requires that we become great listeners to others’ dreams, needs and problems – all the while being on the lookout for fundable solutions to these needs. Often, grant professionals experience a kind…

Too Many Grants!

When executive director and founder Lucy Lucky decided that she would retire from the literacy organization that she nurtured for over thirty years, she faced a long list of tasks to complete in order to leave the respected nonprofit in the black and to ensure that it would continue to seamlessly offer services to the…

Help! Our Organization is Sinking! Quick, Let’s Get a Grant!

For every development professional or grantwriter who has encountered some version of this desperate refrain from an organization as a rallying cry to raise needed funds, there exists ten cautionary tales, a few well-worn red flags, and a cadre of development professionals who have survived similar demands – reminding the rest of us what it…