Joanne Oppelt has been improving organizational bottom lines since 1993. Currently Assistant Executive Director of Business Development at Community Access Unlimited, Joanne fosters agency partnerships, develops budgets, increases revenues, controls expenses, and oversees agency marketing and resource development efforts. She raises over $2.5 million a year. She also generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual cost reductions through negotiated vendor relationships. In addition, Joanne manages the agency outreach and communications activities and heads up the CAU Community Network.

As Executive Director at Caring Contact: A listening community for five years, Joanne turned the agency around, restructuring agency strategic planning, fundraising, financial and human resource systems. Joanne facilitated the organization’s first-ever strategic plan, doubled overall revenues, developed new service programs, and introduced new revenue streams. As a result, the agency realized an annual 8 percent net operating margin and increased assets tenfold.

At Prevent Child Abuse- New Jersey, Joanne oversaw a $1.2 million US Department of Education grant. She formed a statewide Parental Assistance Advisory Committee and garnered national recognition of the organization as the NJ Parents As Teachers State Coordinating Agency. While at the March of Dimes Central Jersey Chapter, Joanne facilitated the funding allocation process, implemented professional education conferences and increased volunteer participation in the Babies and You Speakers Bureau by 200 percent.

Joanne’s books, all published by CharityChannel Press, include

Joanne holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Bethany University in Santa Cruz, CA and a Masters in Health Administration from Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

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