Jeane is a consultant in nonprofit management, donor relations, and development since 1994. She connects social service and arts nonprofit organizations with donors through strategic planning, annual fund management, major gift campaigns, and grant writing. Jeane served on the CharityChannel Advisory Board for many years.

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Are You Falling Through the Ice on the Grant Pond?

Doom and gloom are descending upon board rooms everywhere: the grants are drying up! Well, now. What did you expect? Did you really think grants were going to carry you forever? That's what I want to say to board members when they frantically look to me for rescue. Instead, I suck in my pride and…

To Give or Not To Give: Client Gifts with Style

It’s that time of year again. Time to struggle with one of the most troublesome questions known to a consultant: Should I give a holiday gift to my clients? Of course the answer is: Maybe yes, maybe no! Your decision to give should be based on your relationship with your client, your style of consulting…

Accountability: Do Consultants Measure Up?

One of the best things about being a consultant is that we can walk away from our problems. A colleague actually said that to me. What do you mean, "We can walk away"? Well, when there’s a problem or we make a mistake, it doesn’t affect us so much. It’s not our organization. We can…

Consultant as Board Member: Resolutions for Better Board Work

I have two intractable rules: I won’t date anyone at work, and I will not join a board of directors. I only broke the first rule once -- I married him. No matter how many times I knock myself upside the head with a brick, I seem to break the second one all the time.…

Board Members Have Questions? We Have Answers!

I really don’t understand electricity. It’s been explained to me. I’m fairly educable. It makes sense for a minute but I still don’t understand how the power works. So I’ve given up. It’s magic. I plug my laptop into a wall socket and the “battery low” message goes away. I can keep working. When a…

Adding Interns to Your Consulting Practice

Sole proprietors and small firms seem to be in an endless quandary: too small to add staff but there’s too much work for one person. One solution? Interns. Ohhhhh. I can hear the groans already. But I’m not talking about annoying little twerps to fetch your coffee and collate reports. I’m talking about bright young…