Jason Willett is Director of Communications at VolunteerMatch. He joined VolunteerMatch in January 2000, following a successful five-year career as the Director of Public Relations for The Marin Humane Society in Marin County, California. In his previous role, Jason was responsible for all facets of public relations, marketing and advertising. He also adopted a dog while he was there. Jason miraculously landed a modem-string internship at Apple Computer after graduating (also miraculously) in 1993 from Sonoma State University with an American Literature degree. Jason enjoys volunteering for The San Francisco Bike Coalition and The San Francisco Food Bank, Trips for Kids Marin, and recently joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

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Volunteer Managers: Volunteerism’s Secret Ingredient (Shhhhh!)

No one makes spaghetti sauce as good as I do. Don’t believe me? Ask my wife. She knows everything and is never wrong — and she says my spaghetti sauce is the best in the world. Any questions? Of course, the obvious one: What’s my secret? Riiight. But now that I’ve gotten you all excited,…