Jane Garthson is the founder of Garthson Leadership Center, a Toronto-based consultancy.

Since 1992, she has dedicated her work and volunteering to creating better futures for our communities and organizations through values-based leadership. She is a respected international voice on interim leadership, executive transition, governance, strategic thinking, and ethics.

Jane is a veteran member of the CharityChannel professional community. She served on the CharityChannel Advisory Board and as editor of CharityChannel’s online journal, Nonprofit Boards and Governance Review, now incorporated into CharityChannel’s online articles for busy nonprofit practitioners. She is a contributing author to the CharityChannel books You and Your Nonprofit Board: Advice and Practical Tips from the Field’s Top Practitioners, Researchers, and Provocateurs and YOU and Your Nonprofit: Practical Advice and Tips from the CharityChannel Professional Community.

Jane is currently Secretary, Chair of Governance, and Director of Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust. Past roles include

  • Interim Executive Director, Toronto Cat Rescue and of Ontario Equestrian Federation
  • Cofounder and Past Chair, Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada
  • Author of the monthly Governance and Ethics column for Charity Village 2003 – 2013
  • Treasurer, Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association.

Jane is active in the Canadian Society of Association Executives, Centre for Social Innovation, and Ontario Nonprofit Network. She is a former Commissioner of the Ontario Racing Commission, and as a regulator and tribunal member worked to enhance integrity and fairness in Ontario horse racing.

Her clients for leadership services and presentations include Canadian professional and industry associations, charities, community groups, NGOs, and government agencies of all sizes and geographic scope.

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The Independent Director (Part 2): Can We Have Truly Independent Decision-Making?

In part one of this article, I examined some of the principles underlying the concept of independent directors. I listed four types of situations that can bring into question the role of individual board members and the decisions of a board of directors: business relationships; employment relationships; family and personal interests; and the expectation of…

The Independent Director (Part 1): How Boards are at Risk

In this article, I examine some of the principles underlying the concept of independent directors and list four types of situations that can bring into question the role of individual board members and the decisions of a board of directors. In the next issue of this newsletter, I will examine each of these situations and…

Why strategic planning should start with the Board

Some senior nonprofit staff ask me "how do I keep my Board out of strategic planning?" They are concerned that months of staff work will be undone by people with far less knowledge of the organization's operations and resources. Another question I get is "If they insist on planning, can I keep them from looking…

Fifteen Words to Explain Your Business

Your eyes are desperately darting around the room, seeking an excuse to move on from the person who has cornered you at a networking event. Someone wants to tell you about their services -- and five minutes later you still have no real idea whether what they do would interest you. You are, however, quite…