Jana Jane Hexter helps grant writers get more money in a more sustainable way by weaving together a feminine and spiritual approach with a practical, step-by-step approach gained from twenty-five years of hands-on experience in the field.

She written well over 150 successful proposals and raised over $70 million for her grant writing clients — school districts, higher-education institutions, and human-service agencies throughout the United States.

Her company Grants Champion has helped hundreds of people raise millions of dollars for programs that make a difference.

Jana teaches an online eight-week, in-depth, high-impact, course on the art of writing effective grants while living a good life at the same time. Learn more at http://www.grantwriterswell.com.

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What is GPRA and Why Should I Care?

If you have hung out at grant developer conferences or read an RFP lately you may have heard the term GPRA bandied about. If you have any doubts about what GPRA is and why it matters to you, please read on. What is GPRA? GPRA is the acronym for the Government Performance Results Act ("GPRA")…

Overcoming the Perfectidemon Within

It’s that time of year again when sleep is at a premium and you are thankful for the kind soul who identified caffeine. And it’s also a time when we can feel shattered, frustrated and completely overwhelmed by the prospect of looming deadlines and a lot at stake. And it’s under these circumstances that our…

Should I Call Him or Not? What to do When Your LOI Doesn't Get a Response

Ah, the not so sweet sound of silence. You sweated and toiled for hours to write a wonderful letter of interest and got no response. Frustrating isn’t it? You know that it’s not because you aren’t a good fit. Like all conscientious folks, you spent untold hours doing research to find the foundations and corporations…

Figuring Out How Much to Ask For

Asking how much to ask for is the $64,000 question – or sometimes a 6 million dollar question. If you’ve asked program officers I’m sure that you’ve received the same non-committal answer as me “Just ask for what you need.” Well, that’s not much help is it? So, this is the approach that I take.…

Dissemination Does NOT Have to be Dull

It is tempting to give the dissemination section of a proposal short shrift for a couple of reasons. First, it is often toward the end of a proposal and space may be precious. Second, it can be tricky to visualize disseminating products, processes and knowledge that are not yet developed. As a consequence, many dissemination…

Got Collaboration?

Years ago, I bristled when a federal reviewer commented that the letters of commitment attached to our proposal were six months old. My client’s organization represented the pinnacle of collaboration. It was a true sharing of minds and missions that many organizations only dream about. In the space of eight months we submitted a flurry…