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Howard Adam Levy is principal and strategic director of Red Rooster Group. For the past twenty years, he has been passionately working on behalf of the nonprofit sector, developing new ideas, effective strategies, and creative approaches to promote nonprofits, causes, and socially-responsible businesses.

Howard has assisted countless organizations to launch new brands, clarify their message, gain visibility, and increase revenue. He directs the Red Rooster Group on creating integrated campaigns that leverage the best of strategy, message, and design through print and online media. He writes for nonprofit sector publications and websites such as CharityChannel and GuideStar and speaks at nonprofit conferences on branding issues.

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Integrating your brand into your nonprofit organization

So, you have a new logo. Now what? In addition to serving as the key identifying mark, your organization’s logo can tell people a lot about your organization, its values and philosophy. And if your logo looks outdated, unprofessional, or otherwise no longer represents your organization accurately, it can be time to change it. Once…